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  1. NERDY STRIP 009 :: Pedo-Mon

    Mike’s so excited that can play Pokémon wherever he goes with the Pokémon Pedometer, but the new Poké-peripheral has some unexpected features. Listen to the Pokésode! ALSO: Mike would love to bump pedo-meters with you – come into A Comic Shop and score an item. Nerdy Strip is written and drawn by Aaron Haaland.


    Epic Beard Man enters the fray of Nerdy Show’s Blackest Night Song Fight, but as he is a total badass he didn’t read the rules. REMEMBER: Blackest Night Song Fight lasts all of March, so get crackin’ on those entries!  These prizes ain’t gonna win themselves. Check out the article about it at Consequence of […]

  3. NERDY STRIP 007 :: Nepotism, Look It Up!

    Mike elaborates on his Michael J. Fox-inspired plan to wealth, as described in Episode 004, “The Secret of Mike’s Success”, but perhaps his “incest to success” program isn’t as original as he thinks. Nerdy Strip is written and drawn by Aaron Haaland.

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