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  1. A Comic Show :: 3.31.10

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    Triforce Mike and Aaron dish out the Top Comics coming out this week.

    Blackest Night finishes this week. Nemesis was last week and it was awesome! A Comic Show is now on Bleeding Cool – hfcit?  Answer: way cool.  Watch the outtake at the end for some EPIC FAIL.

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on MySpace.

  2. Blackest Night Song Fight – EXTENDED DEADLINE

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    blackest night song fight 300Our EPIC Blackest Night-themed song competition has been extended!

    The Blackest Night finale comes out on the 31st of March –  that was the same day as our former deadline for Blackest Night Song Fight – that’s no good!  In order for everyone to have the chance to really take on all the mayhem that’s been happening in those books (I mean – the last two weeks have been CRAZY!  Sinestro, wtf!?!) we’re extending the contest to:

    April 30th, 11:59pm EST

    With that date, not only will you be able to have a reference point for how it all ends, but you’ll also get a hint as to what’s to come when Brightest Day 0 comes out April 14th.  Party!  We’ll debut the winners and outstanding submissions in time for the release of Brightest Day 1, the first part of Geoff Johns’ bi-monthly DCU-altering limited series.

    Just in case you didn’t hear – these are the outstanding prizes:

    1st Place: $100 shopping spree on A Comic Shop’s Online Store and the opportunity to kick off Nerdapalooza 2010 by performing YOUR Blackest Night song at the A Comic Shop pre-party (headlined in 2009 by Schaffer the Darklord).

    2nd Place: A copy of the Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo Volume 1 Graphic Novel signed by author and Nerdy Show host, Brian Clevinger, an original 1984 Super Powers Hal Jordan action figure from the collection of Aaron Haaland (the artist/writer of Nerdy Strip), a Nerdy Show Amber Lamp Corps shirt and cap, and both the 2008 and 2009 Nerdapalooza albums.

    3rd Place: A copy of the currently- ongoing Atomic Robo Volume 4, issue 1 signed by author and Nerdy Show host, Brian Clevinger, the 2008 and 2009 Nerdapalooza posters, and a Nerdy Show Amber Lamp shirt.

    Full rules and regs HERE.

    So tell your friends, tell your enemies, hell, tell your frenemies – there’s an extra month for ring-slinging awesomeness!

    And, if you’d like, you can print out the 11×14 poster and put it up in your local comic store, record store, or place where comic-loving musicians might hang out.  That would be rad!

    blackest night poster v2 sm

  3. NERDY STRIP 009 :: Pedo-Mon


    nerdyshow_0009 finalMike’s so excited that can play Pokémon wherever he goes with the Pokémon Pedometer, but the new Poké-peripheral has some unexpected features.

    Listen to the Pokésode!

    ALSO: Mike would love to bump pedo-meters with you – come into A Comic Shop and score an item.

    Nerdy Strip is written and drawn by Aaron Haaland.

  4. A Comic Show :: 3.24.10

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    Oh shit it’s Wednesday!  He’re Mike and Aaron’s run-down off all the goodies in store for you including Mark Millar’s new Ass-Kicker: Nemesis.

    And, as always there’s the full list of this week’s Top Comics over at the A Comic Shop site..

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on MySpace.

  5. Episode 900 :: Bad-Ass’d


    bad-ass'd 300What the heck!? We’re already at Episode 900!! Must be because, just like Deadpool, we’re so BAD-ASS!! If you don’t already have a pair, get ready to grow one, ’cause this episode is starring some of the manliest men who’ve dipped their wick into geekdom.  No, not Nerdy Show – those guys are wusses!  We’re talking to Deadpool and Wolverine scribe, Daniel Way, smooth talkin’ space mayor, Billy Dee Williams, hard-boiled Sgt. Rock writer/artist, Billy Tucci, mister Latino machismo himself, Erik Estrada, and the somewhat meeker, but certainly strong-jawed, MC Frontalot.

    How’d we score all this raw man-power? Between MegaCon and Cap’s sojourn to Austin, Texas for SXSW we wracked up an assload of interviews that are ready to blow!  So pound some beer, wrestle a hound dog, flex your glutes, drink some black coffee, eat a rare steak, and listen to this hard-boiled episode.

    We guarantee you’ll grow at least one full beard… but there’s no telling where.


    1. Welcome to the Funky House :: djpretzel
    2. I AM ROBOT (Live at Nerdapalooza 2008) :: Killer Robots! CD site
    3. Sugar Cubes :: Choker, Uncle Fester, Thesis Sahib, & Jesse Dangerously
    4. Knife Fight :: Lemon Demon with Marty from Uncle Monsterface
    5. The Red and the Black :: Blue Oyster Cult Blue Öyster Cult - Tyranny and Mutation - The Red and the Black
    6. Heavy Metal :: Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal (Music from the Motion Picture) - Heavy Metal
    7. Zero Day (ft. int eighty of Dual Core & ytcracker) :: MC Frontalot MC Frontalot - Zero Day - Zero Day
    8. Bait Thief :: Bit_Rat
    9. YO HO HO (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew CD site
    10. Splash Hill Zone Act 1 :: Jen Senoue
    11. Spit Fresh (with More or Les) :: Wordburglar Wordburglar featuring More Or Les - Burglaritis - Spit Fresh (Featuring More Or Les)
    12. Money (Klopfenpop Remix) :: I Fight Dragons


  6. A Comic Show :: Deadpool Bling Variant Special

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    Destroy DC’s Blackest Night comics ->  send to Marvel for a Deadpool variant -> Profit????

    See Aaron’s initial video on the big cover-ripping controversy above, and check out the plan he hatches with Deadpool writer, Daniel Way, when the Deadpool variant comes in the mail:

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Myspace. The first video is HERE and the second video is going to be up on Myspace soon.

  7. A Comic Show :: 3.17.10

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    Triforce Mike and Aaron dish out the Top Comics coming out this week.

    Orlando listeners!  This Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, Deadpool author and total badass, Daniel Way, will be signing at A Comic Shop!  Mike will be dressed as Deadpool!  After the signing there’s going to be a psycho party with FREE BEER (Yuengling). Details & Facebook RSVP HERE.

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on MySpace.

  8. DONATE :: Cap’s Augmented Reality Music Video “Keeping Track”

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    music video

    Last December, Cap and his musician pal musician Charlie Honderick got together to direct a video for Charlie’s song “Keeping Track”.

    The song is about social networking and internet stalking and in the video social networks are represented by ACTUAL glowing wires connecting everyone and augmented reality-style social stats hovering alongside everyone’s head.  (AR is, of course, a favorite topic here on Nerdy Show).

    The hard part is done, the video has been filmed and edited, but unfortunately, the motion graphics artist we collaborated with before and during production had to drop out of the project due to an unexpected personal tragedy.  Our budget accommodated our original collaborator, but his departure has left us at a loss.  Motion graphics are a necessity to complete the video’s message and concept, and they’re quite expensive.


    Fantastic rewards await – including free passes to Nerdapalooza 2010!

    Click the link to learn more – including a look at the video without special effects and SFX mock-ups.

  9. MEGACON PARTY: Geeks of Comedy

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    So this weekend is Megacon here in Orlando, FL and if you’re in town for the festivities you might find 3/4th of Nerdyshow lurking about the con.  I’ll be dressed in a very form fitting Deadpool costume, ready to fondle you freaks inappropriately.geekofcomedy2

    Saturday the 13th, after the con Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theatre is throwing some wicked after party called Geeks of Comedy Showcase.  Its apparently sponsored by Coliseum of Comics… but don’t hold that against them.  You’ve got a funny group of guys ready to tickle your funny boner.

    Arnie Ellis –  “whose sharp intellect and larger than life charisma has entertained audiences from New York to Florida.”

    Dan Parrella –  featured on and the music website Digital Firestarter, but also  roasts Triforce Mike and the staff of A Comic Shop, regularly.  Check out some of his stand up:

    Dan Parrella – Video Games

    Dan Parrella – G.I. Joe

    Also: Allen Forbes, Patrick Hawkins and geek hostess, Megan Maroney.

    Saturday, March 13th at 10pm-

    Giving you plenty of time to pre-game/post-shower/post-rub one out to that chick in the Psylocke outfit you saw by the Frank Cho booth.  Don’t even bother changing from MegaCon, because people in costume get in half off!  That’s right, enjoy specialized comedy not found anywhere else for only 5 dollars for being in costume!  Reservations are strongly required because this show is almost sold out.  Don’t risk being turned away at the door!  Call 407-363-1985 and book your seat now.  For more information on this amazing show check out Dan Parrella’s Facebook.


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