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Episode 005 :: Bring Da Amber Lamp Corps!

Posted by Hex on February 24, 2010

EBM inks editWe have one helluva show for you tonight!!

Not only do we have an amazing interview with Stevo and David from Overclocked After Dark, announce our brand new music competition, Blackest Night Song Fight, AND educate you of the latest greatest internet meme, we even some how squeeze in a Nerdy Show Exclusive Track! How else can we treat an episode themed around Epic Beard Man than with a truly epic theme!!

Whether you’re ready or not, you’re about to be subjected to a whole new level of badassery.  We highly recommend bringing a 40 of Sunny D along on this adventure.  There’s a new force in the war of light, Da Amber Lamps.

Da Amber Lamp Oath:

In the Jungles of Nam, on the county bus,
no transgressor shall escape this old cuss.
My old man strength will fight for what’s right.
I am a MOTHERFUCKER… da amber lamps might!

You too can join Da Amber Lamp Corps, ’cause we just opened NERDY STORE!

amber lamps capamberlampst v2


  1. Amber Lamps Song :: Randy Boston (prod. by Jah-Set)
  2. Desertion :: zircon
  3. Warm Green Something :: Bit Rat
  4. Sleazy Cold Dexter :: LeeDM101
  5. Quickening (Faraway Promise) :: Avaris, Level 99
  6. Calcobrena After a Night of Dinner and Dancing (Dancing Calbrena) :: Level 99
  7. Bits and Pieces (Live on Nerdy Show Season 1) :: Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire
  8. Seems So Slow (The Ballad of Barry Allen) :: Jim’s Big Ego
  9. Fresh :: Devo Devo - Song Study - EP - Fresh
  10. Holly Vincent :: Marc with a C
  11. Amber Lamps Tribute :: ePunk6


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