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Episode 004 :: The Secret of Mike’s Success

Posted by Hex on February 17, 2010

secret of mike's success300 I Fight Dragons return to Nerdy Show to discuss their signing with Atlantic.  Also in the lives of the newly rich and famous, we discuss with Mike how successful he’s become overnight with his new book Incest to Success. Take notes, guys and dolls, for within this podcast we here hold the secret to success in this droll and meek world of racism and tea bagging!

The Tracks

  1. Final Boss :: MC Frontalot MC Frontalot - Final Boss - Final Boss
  2. Everything You Ever Finale :: Doctor Octoroc
  3. DiGDuG :: Insane Ian
  4. Those Minerals :: KABUTO THE PYTHON
  5. Money (Live at El Corazon) :: I Fight Dragons
  6. Why Bother? :: I Fight Dragons
  7. Inspector Gadget :: Dr. Steel
  8. Railroad Chase :: Maxo 01
  9. House Hornet :: Beatdrop, mp, Ailsean
  10. The Secret of My Success :: Night Ranger Night Ranger - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Night Ranger - The Secret of My Success
  11. Batalha Vs Treinador :: 8 Bit Instrumental
  12. Contra 2010 :: Action Adventure World vs ThePlasmas

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