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Episode 002 :: Tetris Rap Attack!

Posted by NerdyShow on February 3, 2010

tetris-rap-attackLast year we celebrated our love of obscure video games and kicked off our Tetris Rap Attack competition – in THIS episode we reveal the winners! This humble competition asked fans to remix the music of hidden SNES gem, Tetris Attack (aka Panel De Pon) and the winners would be selected by rappers Astronautalis, Masurao of Krondor Krew, and MC Cool Whip to rap over them. In this episode, we’re joined by Grand Prize rapping judge, storytelling rap indie sensation, Astronautalis, to discuss the origins of the lyrics he laid on the winning beat as well as the dark depths of his 40k obsession, and his love for this cute-as-hell puzzle game.

Congratulations to our winners, Evers McGee, TheHT, and Nomar Slevik and a big thank you to everyone who contributed.

To listen to and download ALL the submissions, click here!



  1. Tetris Shot :: Guccimonster
  2. Millennium Horses (Nomar Slevik) :: MC Cool Whip
  3. Ante Up (Battle!) :: M.O.P. (Team Teamwork Remix)
  4. (Gotta) Beat That Block (TheHT) :: Masurao
  5. A Millie Joel :: Bleubird
  6. this city ain’t just a skyline (Evers McGee) :: Astronautalis
  7. Bowser’s Stage :: killsaly
  8. McVaffeQuasi Ultimix :: McVaffe
  9. The Story of My Life :: Astronautalis & P.O.S. Astronautalis - Pomegranate - The Story of My Life
  10. Trouble Hunters :: Astronautalis Astronautalis - Pomegranate - Trouble Hunters
  11. Water Level :: krhym3.574r.0n3


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