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D&D Episode 4 :: Mid-Day in the Maze of Mischief

Posted by Hex on February 28, 2010

dnd maze 2

Finally the triumphant return of our favorite mystical miscreants, CHAIR, Jamela, Jen’Ifer, and Vimak; but what’s this? Vimak is missing!! Without their moral compass, can CHAIR, Jamela, and Jen’Ifer come together and work as a team to find him? Even when it means going toe-to-mythical-toe with a brand new pantheon of deities who seem to not only have taken interest in Vimak, but one of our other intrepid heroes… Tune in for this month’s DUNGEONS & DORITOS!

Due to popular demand, the Nerdy Show team have decided to give you a Dungeons & Doritos episode free of music interruptions. Let us know your thoughts of the episode, the new format, and anything else!


Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak


  • doomboy29

    Thanks for fixing it.

  • Fenrir Gochad

    WOOT!!! Been waiting for this since the last one came out…

  • Hamber

    Hey fellas, hilarious show as usual, I particularly liked all the back-and-forth between Jamela and Jenn’Ifer.

    I don’t know if you’re doing things your way on purpose or not, but the way to do traps and defenses in 4E is to have the trap make an “attack” against the target’s defense. There’s a sample pit trap on page 87 of the 4E DMG that explains this whole thing a lot better than I can.

    But, y’know, I can see how your approach can work too. And I certainly don’t want to be That Guy telling you how to play pretend elves the RIGHT WAY! Either way, you guys are having fun playing and I’m having fun listening. That’s what matters.

  • Tolan

    Probably the best dungoens and doritos yet. Hex, your a great DM. I love how you just take every crazed suggestion and just go with it without so much as missing a beat.

    I kinda missed the d&d themed music at the biggining, but I quickly stopped caring. All in all, great job.

  • Zeus

    I love Dungeon and Doritos, and is it just me, or is it alot better to eat doritos while listening to the pod cast?

    Also, I was really wishing to hear chair die…. damn you chair, damn you…

    I mean, yes, he’s funny, but wow. he deserves it, the world deserve it, and so does Jamela and Jen’Ifer.

    Can’t wait till the next one.

  • Having only listened to very little Dungeons and Doritos (this being my first complete episode), I have to say… I think this particular group of “heroes” is actually worse than the Light Warriors of 8-Bit Theater. Also, while I sometimes miss the visual element, hearing it all unfold is more entertaining.

    I think I’ve become a worse person for having listened to this podcast.

  • Robbie

    I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the newest Dungeons and Doritos and was ecstatic and disappointed when it came out on my own game day. But it was great! I miss the music though; it made it easier for me to listen to. I rarely just sit and listen to anything for any long amount of time, so the musical breaks were great for me because they marked a spot where I could easily pause and take a break for a while without really having to worry about pausing at an important moment and missing something.

  • spudwalt

    I think CHAIR might actually have become slightly more sane over the course of this episode. I wonder if he’ll start wearing clothes now that he’s realized he’s naked…?
    Also, that’s a really — shall we say — unique way to barter your way free from a goddess’s domain. I feel kinda sorry for the rest of you guys having to put up with this, even though it’s friggin’ hilarious.

    I guess Dungeons & Doritos works okay without the music — there aren’t any breaks in the action, and it does cut down on the run time. I did kinda like hearing all the epic stuff that you guys threw in there, though.

  • Daniel

    The best thing about the first episode of Dungeons and Doritos was the music. It was what separated this role-playing podcast from the rest. Hearing “I Play D&D” by the Krondor Krew for the first time made me listen to all the Nerdy Show back catalogue, and got me into nerdy music. So please return to the music!

  • Phrozt

    I actually like D&D w/out the music. In a normal podcast, you have a lot of stuff going on… a lot of different *separate* topics… and music works for it. But when I’m listening to D&D, I’m right there w/you. I’m experiencing it. I’m turning away from (but secretly staring at) all of Chair’s erections. When the music is in there, it brings me back to reality for a bit, and I don’t like that :(.

    @codemonkey: I’ve never liked podcasts before this site. It’s true.

  • Marc

    Very funny show. I really like the music-free format; I hope you guys continue that in the future.

    Also, Cap, you will be pleased by this: I have finally finished my Jamela fanart. I sent it to you guys. I hope to see it posted soon.

  • Cap

    OH WOW! I wanna see it! Where’d you send it to? I don’t think we’ve received it.

  • Marc

    Cap :
    OH WOW! I wanna see it! Where’d you send it to? I don’t think we’ve received it.

    I sent it to Guess something went wrong there. Here it is:

    I hope you like it!

  • Cap

    Wooooo! Thanks so much dude! You’ve completed the set, you’ve done IT. I don’t know what IT is yet. But IT is something grand and has made a special place for you within Nerdy Show’s candy-coated monkey heart.

  • Joe

    aww… i wish i could draw. you guys rock. I miss having the whole kit and caboodle in the mix. I missed Vimac and his great russian accent. and im going to fight chair for his hand. Or ill just settle for wolfbear. growl woof woof bark.

  • Brother

    I actually preferred the music. This is great, but the music just set it apart from everything else. After all, what is Nerdy Show without the Nerdy Music?

  • Guy

    The music was nice though, as long as there wasn’t less than like a 2:1 ratio of game:music.

  • Again something great, would love to to do some flash animation of the games using your audio with all the characters sitting around the table as themselves, except for Brian, who would a a nun in the corner just screaming NO NO NO all the time. Would be funny but the actual would be better.

  • Chet Awesomelazer

    Love the Dungeons and Doritos. I enjoy the new format, but I can see where it’s fun to use music as a placemark if you have to take a break. I could really go either way.
    So says Chet Awesomelazer!

  • tacticslion

    Hamber said it right: we don’t want to tell you how you should play pretend elves! However, just in case you guys wanted to know for future (please ignore if you are specifically using house rules!): 1) the language for ‘infernal’ creatures like devils (thought not demons) is now the same for ‘celestial’ creatures, and is called ‘supernal’ instead of ‘infernal’ or ‘celestial’; 2) as Hamber mentioned, traps and other non-sentient/triggered events generally make attack rolls against a static defenses almost as if they were creatures instead of just hazards; 3) technically deities [as mentioned on page 244 Draconomicon (Chromatic) and I think 140-ish in Underdark] can manifest without using ‘statues’ in the material world, however creatures of lower than 20th level can’t affect them (and possibly couldn’t interact with or even notice them? I’m not sure) – so that’s a brilliant innovation on your part – and even above that are insanely hard to kill (requiring special epic quests to set up all the elements necessary to kill that specific deity, otherwise it simply discorperates for three months to a few years). Anyhoo, just thought I’d let you know, in case you guys were curious, and please, please feel free to ignore if you’re happy just doing your own thing! Related: First, I love this (rather vile) show! Also, after the events of the erotic pangolin and others, I’ve taken to plotting out and charting potential results of their adventures to date, some I might use and some I probably won’t. Fun stuff! Thanks.

  • LSG

    Now that brian has moved…is there gonna be a new DnD episode?

  • Cap

    It took some scheduling, but the answer is a resounding YES!

    We love doing DnD and we’ll never leave you for this long again. In fact, we’re recording an episode tonight.

    Next month there will be two episodes!

    Also, tune in to a forthcoming episode of Nerdy Show for a DnD announcement! Huzzah!

  • armadon

    Favorite episode. Nuff said

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