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Season 3 Episode 1 :: Season 3 With a Vengeance

Posted by Hex on January 27, 2010


Season 3 With a VengenceThe Nerdy Boys are back for a new season of Nerdy Show. Brian may be in Virginia but, thanks to the magic of telecommunications, he’s back with Cap, Triforce Mike, and Hex for the new season WITH A VENGEANCE!! Join us for Cap’s in depth thoughts on Mass Effect 2 and first impressions of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Hex tries to bring culture to the group, Mike responds with dick jokes, and Brian faces off with the Lawnmower Man. It’s amazing!

The Tracks:

  1. Ecstasy of Gold :: glomag
  2. Around da Chip :: Daft Bits
  3. The Golden Age of Video :: Ricardo Autobahn
  4. The Electric Flute :: halc
  5. System :: Super Barrio Bros
  6. Voodoo Sabotage :: The Klemptones
  7. Keyboard Cat :: MC Shammers
  8. Hysteria :: Microchip
  9. Stickerbrush Symphony Cover :: ORBiT-8*
  10. Autobeat Airbus (Live) :: Optimus Rhyme
  11. Blue Then Red :: Doug L
  12. A Glorious Dawn (Alien Syndrome mix) :: Symphony of Science

The Links:

  • Matasm

    Yay! Welcome back.

  • Paris

    Woot! I don’t gotta scrounge for some other lame podcast to listen to at work. =D

  • Cap

    You can listen to this vulgar shit at work? Must be a pretty cool job.

  • Paris

    I have to wear headphones. Big headphones. Sound deafening headphones.

  • Jim

    Who dosen’t listen to you guys at work??? No headphones can keep out Hex’s laugh though.

  • Lol, I’m also listening to this at work 🙂

    Did that last season and now for this as well. Keeps me entertained while I whittle through projects.

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  • gcs

    dude that bingo sounds fraken rad,

  • Annoyed

    Jesus christ do something about how the sound becomes ear shattering when you guys yell.

  • Cap


    OMG the Cosmic Bingo Grandpa Danceoff made it to YouTube:

  • Cap


    Really sorry about that, dude. We’re still working out the audio kinks. The good news is, since we recorded last week’s episode, we’ve got a bunch of shiny new audio equipment. Maybe we won’t skwonk so much now.

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