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Episode 18 :: 2009 Final Boss

Posted by Hex on December 31, 2009


2009-final-boss-300Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the Final Boss of 2009!  In this episode we unleash our list of the Top Twenty Nerdy THINGS of 2009, in a VERY specific order. Movies, video games, people, music, concepts- if it’s nerdy then we judged its worth.  Listen in to find out what we thought were the best of the best. This episode is also the finale of Nerdy Show Season 2. We’ll be back sometime in January, so keep those RSS feeds warm and an eye on our twitter and facebook as we fine-tune and improve the Nerdy Show battle wagon. Thank you for listening and making this season out-freakin’-standing.

The Tracks:

  1. Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys :: Marc with a C
  2. The Very Best :: Taylor Wade
  3. Island in the Sun (Belmont’s Revisal) :: videogame orchestra
  4. Voyager :: Zombectro
  5. Happy XMas (War is Over) :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire
  6. Splash Woman :: Random
  7. Do the Bruce Campbell (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009 ft. Schaffer the Darklord & ZeaLouS1) :: MC Lars & YTCracker
  8. Platform Wars (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009 ft. the great Luke Ski & int eighty of Dual Core) :: Devo Spice
  9. The Faster the Treadmill… :: I Fight Dragons
  10. The Hounds :: The Protomen
  11. More Math :: Pixelh8
  12. Contains mild Euphoria :: Pixelh8


The Links:

  • Tytheteacher

    Thanks to you guys for a great season. Can’t wait for season three. Hope you all had a happy holiday and have a great start to 2010.

  • Cap

    Thank YOU Ty for listening to us all the way from China! (Not to mention being a regular on the comments.) You rock. We PK Love you.

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  • Fenryr

    @Triforce Mike
    The Act II release was indeed above and beyond expectations, and it was an honor to meet an internet-celebrity.

    It’s been a good year, dudes. Can’t wait for Season 3, and hopefully I’ll be sending some of my own comic-related projects your way soon. Keep recording, and I’ll keep listening.

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  • Cap

    So, I admit it, I was behind on There Will be Brawl. Turns out, after episode 5 the fights got way better. The Olimer stuff in Episode 8 was CRAZY cool!

  • Joe

    ZOMG you said my name again, and you saluted me! I am a fan for LIFE. yeah its that easy to please me.

  • Hey guys. On behalf of Fangamer, thanks for the heads-up about this podcast.

    Personally, I’d never heard of this show before, but this is an excellent podcast. You’ve gained at least one listener among us. Keep. It. Up.

  • Cap

    @The Losar
    Thanks Losar! I’m glad you like what you hear.

    We’ll be back soon with season 3 and we’ll do our damnedest to live up to being “excellent”. I know you guys’ll continue to crank out your unprecedented awesomeness.

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  • Jim

    As always you guys are the greatest! Thanks for the awesome show and can’t wait for season 3.

  • Orabilis

    Thanks I got mentioned! Squee! But have you ever considered playing other tabletop rpgs like Exalted or Pathfinder? And now I’m off to get a hold of blackest night after Hex’s exhortations of its virtues.

  • Cap


    Brian plays Pathfinder, likes it a lot. We haven’t really talked about it, most of us are still getting used to our characters. We’re open to suggestions, though.

  • Cap

    This episode got mentioned on, which is fucking phenomenal. ( In it they mention that we use the word ‘awesome’ a lot. I know I use the word a lot, but maybe most Americans do. I’m just curious since they bothered to mention it how many times we said it. I haven’t had time to listen through the episode again and count ’em all. If anyone want to do the tallying be my guest.

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since the beginning and never thought that it could get any better. This season has been a blast and hope to hear more! Well, since the news of Sam Raimi dropping the ball on Spider Man 4 and other such news, I’m sure there’ll be plenty to talk about in 2010.

    And yes, I do realize that’s already 2010 and I’m KIND OF late in responding to this episode 😛

  • Cap


    Thanks amigo! It’s awesome that you’ve been listening to us all this time. Thanks for the kind words and going on this magical journey with us.

    How ’bout that Spider-man news, eh? I don’t really mind. Spidey 3 was a disgrace. Only problem is what they’re following it up with is a Spider-man in highschool plot, probably trying to cash in on that Twilight/ Harry Potter money. That is, unless Marvel Studios can win back the property, but I don’t think Sony is going to let them have it any time soon.

  • Phrozt

    I just figured it out… you guys remind me of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

    Yeah… that’s it.

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  • @Cap
    You see, that could be a problem depending on the director. We wouldn’t want a high school Spidey acting like that what’s-his-name from Twilight, now would we?

    I just hope that Marvel will have enough sense to make the next Spider-Man movie a bit darker but still allowing the younger audience to watch and enjoy (i.e. The Dark Knight).

    Spider-Man 3 never happened. That’s something of a myth…

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