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Episode 16 :: Atomic Robo v.2.0

Posted by Hex on December 9, 2009

atomic-robo-21Because we are obsessed with Atomic Robo, we couldn’t help but have ANOTHER show dedicated to the best ironclad science adventure in any and every universe. We have a touch of interviewing of Brian (which we normally do off the air and get the REAL juicy details about Robo!!) as well as finding out some secrets about what we’re getting in Volume Four!! Listen in or be lame!

The Tracks:

  1. Our Place in the Cosmos :: Symphony of Science
  2. on my starship :: ytcracker
  3. Mystical Chemicals :: XMark
  4. Ammonia :: Marc with a C
  5. Hurt :: Sad Kermit
  6. playing SUPER MARIO WORLD while taking mushrooms… the hallucinogenic kind… :: Shnabubula
  7. As Days Go By (Family Matters Theme) :: NOISEWAVES
  8. Tainted Love NES :: Synthetic Motion
  9. Quartz :: Disasterpeace
  10. Liana (Live) :: Marc with a C
  11. Toy Food :: Lemon Demon
  12. TANK! (Cowboy Bebop) :: Piano Squall

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