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Episode 15 :: Retro Game Retro-Spection

Posted by Hex on December 2, 2009

Retro Gaming Retro-Spection

In this expansion of the Nerdy Show Universe, we take a closer look at ignored, forgotten, and relatively overlooked games that are true gems. We’re also announcing our NEW COMPETITION!!

Craft hip hop beats from the score to Tetris Attack and the 1st place winner will have none-other than ASTRONAUTALIS lay his rhymes on it.  Check out all detais here:

Nerdy Show’s Rare Game Remix Challenge #1 Tetris Rap Attack

We also have chosen our first ever Fan Title Dungeons & Doritos Episode!! We’ll be recording it soon and posting it later this month!! Enjoy!

Also, we’ve had some complaints about the levels, how sometimes we’re really quiet and then randomly loud. Well, as last episode shows, we like to occasionally impersonate Sand People. We’re a rowdy bunch. Sadly, you’ll have to put up with our ridiculousness. 😛

The Tracks:

  1. Getting Old Sucks :: Devo Spice
  2. Streets of Rage :: Mustin
  3. Find the Top :: My Parents Favorite Music
  4. The Wondersmith and his Sons :: Astronautalis
  5. ToeJam Jammin’ :: Mustin
  6. Final Panic :: Tweek
  7. Light Up the Night :: The Protomens
  8. A Link to the Past (RAC Mix) :: RAC
  9. Journey to Silius Stage 1 :: Benevolent Demise
  10. K-Pax for Evermore :: Mazedude
  11. Sonic: Labyrinth Zone 5 (RAC Maury Mix) :: RAC
  12. The Very Best :: Taylor Wade

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