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Episode 13 :: Italians Fight Dragons

Posted by Hex on November 18, 2009


italians-fight-dragons-300This week, we discuss with Brian the dangers of drinking the water in Italy, the new video games (including a trial of the brand new Super Mario game, which apparently doesn’t suck), and interviewed I Fight Dragons. It’s a pretty crazy episode, so listen in 😀

Thanks as always to Play n Trade for giving us our sneak peeks at video games!

The Tracks:

  1. We Are All Connected :: Symphony of Science
  2. The Faster The Treadmill… (Live in Seattle 10/22/09) :: I Fight Dragons
  3. Money :: I Fight Dragons
  4. No One Likes Superman Anymore (Superpowerless Remix) :: I Fight Dragons
  5. Carving the Rock :: YMCK
  6. Zoe’s Song :: Elfonso
  7. Tongue-Clucking Grammarian (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) :: MC Frontalot
  8. Welcome to Ohio (ft. int eighty of Dual Core) :: The Self Esteem Team

The Links

Behind the Scenes PHOTOS! (click the pic to see ’em all)

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  • Orinn

    I think we need a photo with every podcast.

  • Marc

    Awesome show. Can NOT wait for more Dungeons and Doritos.

  • Jim

    Orinn :I think we need a photo with every podcast.

    Totally Agree, seeing Mike with the Ax is beyond awesome!

  • Jake

    Even with a real weapon, I expect Mike to roll a 1. 🙂

    Great episode, was surprised that you guys had a interview with IFD.

  • Neal

    So I finally played New Super Mario Bros Wii.

    It’s fantastic. It is so much like Mario Party or Monopoly in that you WILL get VERY angry playing the game, but you’ll still have a crapload of fun. Best losses are the ones where everyone bubbles and you all start going “WHO WAS THE LAST ONE TO BUBBLE?!”

    Also that is amazing that you got that ax.

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