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Episode 11 :: Haunted Hangover

Posted by Hex on November 4, 2009


halloweenhangover-300In this episode, we’re still recovering from our respective Halloweens and have a very spooky episode of Nerdy Show. There are talking dogs. We also finally give our full expose on the 2009 International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality that our sci-tech news guy, Jon West, attended.  The practicality of virtual plate cats is discussed.

Also, in this episode, Cap gives a full review of Dragon Age: Origins, thanks to our sponsor, Play N Trade.

  1. Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en? :: N.A.H.P.I.
  2. Vampire Snap :: Joshua Morse
  3. Haunted Train :: Hellion Sounds
  4. Six Sick 6 :: LeeDM101
  5. …And in Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath :: LuIzA
  6. Die Die My Darling :: 8-bit Weapon
  7. Battlefont! :: Schaffer the Darklord
  8. You Were Born to Save the World :: Pixelh8
  9. Paint the Town Red :: Loren Bouchard
  10. Juese Belmont :: Disk Masta Smokabitch
  11. Halloween is Cool :: Jackson
  12. Little Girls :: Uncle Monsterface

Entire Mashed ‘n’ Slashed Release
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And check out this All Hallow’s Eve-themed music video that Cap helped produce for The Party Boys, last year:

  • Cap

    Hey gang, so… it turns out that contrary to our hopefulness Lucy Daughter of the Devil didn’t get picked up. You can read the original letter from Loren Bouchard here:

    Fingers crossed that the DVD gets to happen. In the mean time, check out this awesome show any way you can.

  • Fenryr

    Great show this week, and last week, guys. The music keeps getting better and better. But, …

    Hex, dude, back away from the mic a bit. There was a lot of feedback and distortion coming from you.

  • Cap

    Jon let me know that the point I was trying to get across about the what iPhones can and can’t do with AR didn’t get across. Here’s Jon’s clarification:

    The iPhone can put information over video, it cannot however “see” the video to figure out what and where to put anything. Basically a video from the camera plays behind whatever you put on the screen, but you the programmer can’t see what is in the video.

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