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Episode 08 :: Dungeons & Doritos Part 2

Posted by Hex on October 18, 2009


dnd-blackThe conclusion to the first chapter in the sure to be legendary misadventures of CHAIR, Jen’Ifer, Vimak, and Jamela in the magical world of Doritodonia. Find out what Mike meant when he said something happened to CHAIR’s brain. Knowing him, it can’t mean anything safe for his comrades’ respective virtue.

UPDATE: This episode has been fully remastered! Hear the original version below, or listen to the fully restored audio here.


  1. This is an Adventure :: Uncle Monsterface
  2. undergroundtheme :: xoc
  3. We Are Hi-Speed [remix] :: Saskrotch
  4. Pink Sock :: mCRT
  5. Through Time and Space :: ABG
  6. Table Top :: Beefy
  7. Dark World Ballad :: Cliff Hooper & effinjerk
  8. Smells Like Funky Music (Wild Cherry vs Nirvana) :: lobsterdust
  9. Game Boy Rock!! :: Wizwars
  10. The New Song :: Bob Ricci
  11. Ghost Groove :: Platonist
  12. Adventure :: Krondor Krew
  13. Turtle Power :: Partners in Kryme

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak


  • Amron

    Very nice!!

    Is it me, or is there a bit of static on this part?

  • MMMig


  • Sean

    lol great stuff cant wait till they do this again

  • ArkMage

    Oh. My. God. Chair needs soooo much death. Why was he allowed to play the tank? XD

  • Trik

    That was freaking brilliant. I was laughing so hard at some of CHAIR’s antics. I hope poor Vimak’s dong did end up back on correctly =P

  • Moriik

    OH YEA!!! -Crashes in Mr. Koolade-

  • Jace

    I really hate myself for nerd raging even the slightest bit whenever damage was being rolled separately on attacks that target multiple foes. They all take the same damage guys. Hilarious stuff, I love listening to groups play D&D.

    • Cap

      Oh! See… that makes sense to me. Mike and I have never done any table top gaming before so we’re in that dark about a lot. I like 1 roll better, we’ll do that from now on.


  • Cody

    Great show, guys. A counter nerd rage, if I may: Thunder of Judgement does require separate damage rolls (it’s a ranged attack, not an area), but only if you care and aren’t doing a podcast 😀

    Rolling a single die for damage is usually much easier anyway.

    In case you hadn’t looked it up at this point, Hex’s spirit companion’s defenses (as well as anything else you summon that can be attacked) are the same as his unless it says otherwise.

    Also, I’m rooting for Chair.

  • swordchucks1

    Funny keep up the good work!

  • tytheteacher

    This was awesome. It was a chance for me to check out some of the 4th ed mechanics without having to buy all the books and try to find a game (I’m teaching in China right now). All of my friends play the 3.5s or Pathfinder (a really cool game). I’ve been avoiding 4th, but this seems really cool

  • Cap


    Wow, Ty- thanks for listening to us all the way from China! That is seriously awesome.

    PS – I may be misspeaking, but I believe Brian is very into Pathfinder (sounds like a mark of quality to me).

  • POOP

    Am I just too drunk or was “Smells Like Funky Music” fucking awesome?

  • poop

    So, did I just eat too many pills, or does Hex sometimes kinda sound like Tom Servo?

  • Hex


    😀 i’m okay with that

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