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Episode 08 :: Dungeons & Doritos Part 1

Posted by Hex on October 16, 2009

dnd-black We take you now to the magical land of Doritodonia, where an adventure takes place with a egomaniacal tiefling sorcerer, a chair enchanted into a naked and crazed dwarf, a bumbling goliath, and an overly sensual dragonborn. Listen, and we promise that Dungeons & Dragons will never be the same again.

UPDATE: This episode has been fully remastered! Hear the original version below, or listen to the fully restored audio here.

Listen to Part 2 here.


  1. I Play D&D :: Krondor Krew
  2. Rokk Steady :: Dj RoboRob
  3. Natural 20s :: Dual Core
  4. The Road is Full of Dangers :: Hat
  5. Braincooler :: Rozovian
  6. I Got More Than A Feeling (Black Eyed Peas vs Boston) :: MadMixMustang
  7. Hassle: The Dorkening :: MC Frontalot
  8. GBA in Game #1 :: Virt
  9. Bunny’s Big Day :: Baldbox
  10. Right Back At Ya :: Wizwars
  11. Urban Beats vs Song 2 [DaVIP vs Blur] :: Aggro1
  12. DnD :: Stephen Lynch

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak


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