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Episode 07 :: Ectojism

Posted by Hex on October 8, 2009


I don’t think we’ve ever had a more aptly named episode. Tune in to find out how we invented the soon-to-be-household-word of “ectojism”

  1. Fuck This Song :: Schaffer the Darklord
  2. Banana Song :: Tally Hall
  3. Pokemon Ondo :: Garuura Kobayashi
  4. Town/Bloody Tears :: Select Start
  5. Crime Spree :: MC Frontalot
  6. Laser Canon Deth Sentence :: Dethklok
  7. Mega Man Jam Pt1 (Flashman) :: Spazer
  8. Bossa da Link :: The OneUps
  9. Puppeteers :: Superpowerless vs Conyeezy and Hairetsu
  10. Umbrella :: Shael Riley
  11. Mystic Cave (Sonic 2) :: Quarter Circle Jab
  12. The WB (Live at Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008) :: The Wordburglar

The amazing blog we mentioned:

Jackson Omelettizes Snake Eggs and his way cool podcast.

Cool indie comics we mentioned in this episode:
Xoc by Matt Dembicki
[here’s an interview with him on the comic, apparently ‘Xoc’ is pronounced ‘Shock’]
Social Insect by Adam Meuse
High Maintenance Machine by Matthew Reidsma

Cool places we visited:
Quimby’s Bookstore
Challengers Comics
Reckless Records
The Exchange

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