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Episode 07 :: Ectojism

Posted by Hex on October 8, 2009



I don’t think we’ve ever had a more aptly named episode. Tune in to find out how we invented the soon-to-be-household-word of “ectojism”

  1. Fuck This Song :: Schaffer the Darklord
  2. Banana Song :: Tally Hall
  3. Pokemon Ondo :: Garuura Kobayashi
  4. Town/Bloody Tears :: Select Start
  5. Crime Spree :: MC Frontalot
  6. Laser Canon Deth Sentence :: Dethklok
  7. Mega Man Jam Pt1 (Flashman) :: Spazer
  8. Bossa da Link :: The OneUps
  9. Puppeteers :: Superpowerless vs Conyeezy and Hairetsu
  10. Umbrella :: Shael Riley
  11. Mystic Cave (Sonic 2) :: Quarter Circle Jab
  12. The WB (Live at Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008) :: The Wordburglar

The amazing blog we mentioned:

Jackson Omelettizes Snake Eggs and his way cool podcast.

Cool indie comics we mentioned in this episode:
Xoc by Matt Dembicki
[here’s an interview with him on the comic, apparently ‘Xoc’ is pronounced ‘Shock’]
Social Insect by Adam Meuse
High Maintenance Machine by Matthew Reidsma

Cool places we visited:
Quimby’s Bookstore
Challengers Comics
Reckless Records
The Exchange

  • Bill J.

    Finally decided to listen to this after seeing it posted all over Brians site and I must say it is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever heard. Listening has been, hands down, the best way to spend my day off work. Oh, and The Exchange is a chain store, I know of 5 around my house. (Akron, OH)

  • Cap

    @Bill J.

    Thanks, Bill! It’s always awesome to hear from people who’ve listened to the show. You’re our eyes and ears, so if any cool nerdy news or happenings come your way – let us know! You can be our very own Blue Blazer Irregular.

    You’re totally right about The Exchange. They seemed too glossy to be a stand alone… oh well! When I was looking for info on them their website was down, but it’s back now- and it turns out they’ve got something to the tune of 20 or so locations, mostly in Ohio. Anyone who stocks that much retro gaming and hardware is a-ok in my book. Also they had a pristine copy of Breakfast Club’s album! (The band not the film).


    ps- I didn’t realize we hadn’t gotten around to citing the indie comics I taked about in this ep, adding now…

  • K-man

    Enjoying the shows, gentlemen. Keep ’em coming. Made my way over from a link on Brian’s site, so you need to thank him–in a sensible way, of course. Although, if you decide to not keep it so, make sure you express your gratitude off air. After listening to a few episodes (namely, this one), I can fathom what horrid methods you are truly capable of. Don’t need to be scarred any more than the weekly norm.

    As for Brittany Spears doing Freebird, she couldn’t do it. Not knowing all the words, she’d ultimately botch the lip sync.

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