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Episode 06 :: Twentieth Anniversary Louis Armstrong Episode

Posted by Hex on September 30, 2009


We’re horrible people.

  1. The Good Doctor :: The Protomen
  2. Fantastic Four (ft. Wheelie Cyberman, Beefy, YTCracker) :: Dual Core
  3. Will Of One Byte :: Makeup and Vanity Set
  4. Bill Watterson :: Lemon Demon
  5. Pop Music Is Not a Crime (Mustin Remix) :: Freezepop
  6. Sexy Trunks :: Neostorm
  7. Dharma Lady :: Geronimo Jackson
  8. If I Had a Dealer :: Marc with a C
  9. gettin ruled :: mc skeletor
  10. FXLP :: Mr. Spastic
  11. Time :: They Might Be Giants
  12. Louis Armstrong Sings Super Mario World :: Brentalfloss
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  • Fenryr

    I’m the guy who met Mike (and Cap, I think) at the Protomen show. Sorry we didn’t talk longer, but there were a lot of people to see and I was a little too sloshed at the end of the night to remember to find you again.

    You can see a little of the Comic Book Project I mentioned at

    Keep up the good work, guys. And keep in touch.

  • Holy crap. I’m in an MC Skeletor/Geronimo Jackson sammich. Fucking awesome. Thanks for playing my song, guys 🙂

  • Eric

    It was hilarious. I have no idea why Brian wanted to leave… I especially like that hex played his version of super mario world song.

  • Marshall jackson

    Don’t forget Paranoia, the funniest RPG ever, Over the Edge, the most minimalist rpg ever, and Scion, white wolf+awesome+greek/norse/other gods.

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