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Episode 05 :: Kirby’s Dream Lawsuit

Posted by Hex on September 25, 2009

On a very Hexless (read ENJOYABLE) episode of Nerdy Show, Cap brings us amazing news about a possible goldmine for Kirby. No, not that pink puffball that eats everything, but Jack Kirby, that artist of legendary status in the Marvel Universe. Apparently he’s decided to cash in on the Disney buyout… FIND OUT MORE BY LISTENING IN!!

  1. A Trap :: The HT
  2. The 7 Seas :: Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew
  3. Blow Me Down :: Moneyshot Cosmonauts
  4. The Accursed Seal :: Sixto Sounds
  5. Headbutts of Love :: MC Cool Whip
  6. Mr. Roboto :: Marc with a C
  7. Inspector Gadget (GO GO MIX) :: 8-Bit Weapon
  8. KKMusicDJ :: FFMusicDJ
  9. K.K. Sex-A-Peel :: Mustin
  10. The Hounds :: The Protomen
  11. Summer Thing :: Vincenzo
  12. P.a.r.a.s.k.a.v.e.d.e.k.a.t.r.i.a.p.h.o.b.i.a :: Chiptots
  13. Robot Baby :: MC Wreckshin

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