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Episode 04 :: Atomic Robo Show

Posted by Hex on September 16, 2009

atomic-roboIn celebration of the new Atomic Robo Comic coming out today, we decided to have our Atomic Robo Show, where we interviewed our very own Brian Clevinger about the new issue and a few other Atomic Robo related stories. Woo! We also had a special guest of Masurao of Krondor Krew chiming in for half the episode… before he vanished like a ninja!

  1. Put It To the Test :: They Might Be Giants
  2. ROM Schtick (Applesauce Baptism) :: Beefy
  3. Brinstar :: Metroid Metal
  4. Crazy for Swayze :: The Stunt Junkies
  5. The Dark Crystal Rap :: Robot Chicken
  6. Tiere necken mit langen Stecken :: glomag
  7. Breaking Out (Demo) :: The Protomen
  8. Don’t You? :: I Fight Dragons
  9. Penny Arcade Theme (ft. Wil Wheaton live at PAX) :: MC Frontalot
  10. Ninja Goes Pow! :: Hoha
  11. JW86 takut Wewegombel :: Je deviens dj en 3 jours
  12. Toejam Jammin’ :: The OneUps
  13. CNR :: Weird Al Yankovic
  • I saw the trailer of atomic robo show, it is a brilliant comic show. Day by day our technology develops so our viewer likes the Brian Clevinger new issue of your blog.

  • Spudd86

    Have you guys seen the directors cut of the Daredevil movie? Apparently the theatrical version is a result of executive meddling, the directors cut is MUCH better (read doesn’t suck), it’s fairly divergent from the comic book, but it’s good.

  • Cap


    Yeah, that’s what everyone tells me. Mike’s seen it, he’s right there with ya.

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