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Episode 02 :: Disney and Marvel Sittin’ In a Tree…

Posted by Hex on September 2, 2009

With the jaw-dropping news that released earlier this week about Disney buying out Marvel, we had a mini-theme show where we discussed our thoughts on the matter. We also hear Triforce Mike’s rant about the ending of Arkham Asylum, so… SPOILER ALERT!! Mike also makes a fun offer that you’ll get ONLY BY LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE!! GO GO GO!!

  1. Mmaj :: Octopus Project
  2. Fantastic Four (ft. Beefy, YTCracker, and Wheelie Cyberman) :: Dual Core
  3. Monkey Vs Robot :: James Kolchalka Superstar
  4. Spiderman in D :: Josiah the Messiah
  5. Cinderella Undercover (Live) :: Oingo Boingo
  6. L.E.S. Spirit Kids :: The Illuminoids
  7. Blue Light Special :: My Parents Favorite Music
  8. Take On Lover :: Chiptots
  9. Juese Belmont :: Disk Mastah Smokabitch
  10. Little Nemo in Dreamland :: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO

We also talked about Emerson Wild, Monster Hunter, one of Brian’s awesome projects! Definitely don’t miss the preview video!!

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