What if “What if the Moon Level from the Ducktales Game … Had Lyrics” … Had US 1-Based Lyrics? by Sean Hutchinson



Trucks, yes trucks in outer space
From the Marvel Comic booooks, take a loooooook!

Wait, US 1, you need an origin
“Well my parents died,
and my bro’s next of kin.
Then aliens gave me a metal skull
Now I spend all of my time, space hauling space freight,
And life is never dull.”

US 1 in Space!
Let’s recap your origin.
You’ve got a crazy, demon brother
And your folks are dead (folks are dead)!
(Seriously dude, you’re an orphan.)

You oughta tell your back story again,
Say it two more times,
On page eight, then page ten.
You really don’t want to let folks forgeeeet,
That your parents died and your brother’s psycho,
We get the fucking net.

US 1 in Space!
Give your origin once more!
Cause people can’t remember what
You saaaaaid before, said befooore.
(Seriously it was like two panels ago, why are you telling me again?)

US 1, your truck’s in
US 1, your truck’s in
US 1 your truck’s in spaaaaaaaaaace!

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