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In Memory of Michael Ashley Pandel aka Triforce Mike

mikeFounding Nerdy Show member, uncanny nerd, and legendary personality, Triforce Mike left behind a legacy of lolz. You can find his whit, witticisms, and wang in any episode of Nerdy Show, from our genesis until early 2011.  You can also find him in the smile of every child and the mewing of a newborn Pokémon.

Mike earned his “Triforce” moniker when he wowed Nerdapalooza 2008 by getting to World 8-4 in Super Mario Bros. during an Uncle Monsterface set.  Shocked by the demon they’d set loose, the band wrote the now legendary “Triforce Mike Theme” on the spot to celebrate his greatness and subdue his savage hunger for pink-skirted princesses.

This page is dedicated to commemorating this amazing manchild, and sharing his incredible life and times.


Triforce Mike Tribute Podcast

On January 31st, 2012, we lost a friend, brother, /co/merade, brony, poképhile, and so so so much more – the one, the only, the legendary: Triforce Mike. In this heartfelt tribute the Nerdy Show family and his oldest friends gathered for one very raw, emotional recording. We share our favorite stories from his life, stories about what he meant to us, and how he changed our lives.  It’s intimate, unedited, and there’s a lot of really rough moments. But, it’s something we wanted to share. It’s Mike as we knew him.  Listen here

The fans and other close friends also got together to record their memories in the Fan Tribute Podcast.

Family, friends, and fans keep the fire:


The Archives

Triforce Mike’s videos, art, and more!


Mike’s Social Networks:


The MAP Foundation

A charity organization started in Mike’s name (Michael Ashley Pandel), dedicated to helping people find their “map” through community, charity, and FUN! “Like” us on facebook to get the latest info.

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