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  1. episode 4 crossover crisis

    Season 4 Episode 4 :: Crossover Crisis

    Posted by Cap on March 9, 2011

    Parts 1-3 combined into one massive “classic style” episode. Interviews with brentalfloss and comics all-stars Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

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  2. episode 4 crossover crisis

    Season 4 Episode 4-3 :: Crossover Crisis

    Posted by NerdyShow on March 9, 2011

    Sci-Tech & Comic Books – featuring an interview with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning!

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  3. episode 4 crossover crisis

    Season 4 Episode 4-1 :: Crossover Crisis

    Posted by NerdyShow on March 3, 2011

    Featuring an interview with brentalfloss!

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  4. A Comic Show :: 12.1.10

    Posted by Triforce Mike on December 1, 2010

    Aaron and I talk about how it’s a small week, but it’s how you use a small week that really matters… right? Go check out Warren Ellis’ Planetary or something!  But there’s still some cool stuff goin’ down: Some teasers as to what might be to come for DC’s new Batman Beyond book.  And Aaron […]

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  5. Change or DIE!

    Season 4 Episode 1 :: Change or DIE!

    Posted by NerdyShow on October 12, 2010

    Season 4 begins here! Featuring interviews with Adam WarRock, Gerald Casale, and Bobby Yarsulik

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  6. Cosmic Things

    Episode 020 :: Cosmic Things

    Posted by Cap on June 10, 2010

    Come with us, dear listeners – BEYOND! Into the ballroom of the skies, where the infinite COSMOS are rife with unfathomable mysteries! Where space men and women wear sexy outfits and shoot BEAMS! Pew-pew-pew! Whoosh! Nerdy Show adventures into the realms of our favorite cosmic comic books and some cosmic other stuff too! Captaining our […]

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