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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your ears! Or…eyes? Body parts?


As you know, we’re a grassroots network, and rely on our fans for the majority of our funding. We pride ourselves on being an authentic voice in nerdcasting and you, our fans, are a huge part of that. So we’re calling on all of you listeners to help us spread the good word – and it won’t cost you a cent!


Rate & Review on Podchaser

iTunes is still the #1 source for podcasts and super important to rate and review us on… for now. But there’s a better alternative that’s building its empire and is 100x easier to use! Introducing Podchaser – click the image below for more info on how to rate and review us there and help lead the charge on building abetter podcasting universe.


Rate & Review on iTunes

iTunes is the biggest hub for podcasts, but it’s a jungle out there! One of the biggest things that can help our discoverability as a network is to collect positive ratings and reviews. The higher our rating, the higher the chance that we’ll show up in the top results when someone searches “nerd podcast” or similar. So, if you like us, please do take a few minutes to rate & review us on iTunes. (See below for a full list of all our iTunes feeds.)



Quick and easy! All you have to do is click a star rating in iTunes and you’re done! Super-simple, astoundingly-helpful.



In addition to the star rating, you can also publish reviews and they too help a ton. You don’t even have to use your real name – iTunes lets you go by whatever you want! Share what you think about the show and we might read your comments on our respective programming! Apple has instructions on how reviewing works here.

Fans outside the US: all iTunes stores are separate, so we might not see your ratings and reviews – if you’d like yours read, please e-mail us with details at


All Our iTunes Feeds (Collect ‘Em All!)

The Nerdy Show Network
Nerdy Show | Nerdy Show Theatre
Dungeons & Doritos | Ghostbusters: Resurrection | Lightning Dogs
Pokéballs of Steelix | Liberty | The OrphansThe Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program
State of the Empire | Nerdy Show Book Club | Bad Storytellers | Flame On!
Wicked Anime | The Nerd Groove | EPIC PIEcast | NerdyFM
Bits Rhymes and Life | Derpy Show | Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts


Tell a Friend!

Do you like The Nerdy Show Network? Do you have friends or family with similar interests? You should tell them to listen to the show! Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way to help us grow. Plugging episodes you like in your social streams is rad too!


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Put the “Fun” in “Funding

Okay, so we said these would all be ways to help that are free. But can you forgive our shameless plug to request small donations? We did wait until the very end.

Even if you’ve got just $1 a month to spare, it can go a long way to help us keep the lights on. Plus, you get cool perks in return. Head over to our Support Page for more info.

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