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Nerdy Show’s Server of Awesome RULES and REGULATIONS

The Server of Awesome (SoA) is Nerdy Show’s Minecraft server and is a place for nerds to gather together, collaborate on spectacularly cool projects, and hang out with like-minded people in one of the coolest virtual worlds on the internet.

By setting foot into the SoA you agree to the following rules and regulations.

Any violation of these rules will result in swift action from one of our Admin or Lawmen, and may result in a banning.

  • The SoA is open to all.  No prejudice or harassment of any kind will be tolerated. Racism, sexism, or any other kind of discrimination does not exist on this server.
  • Griefing is not tolerated under any circumstance. “Accidental” damage to any standing structure (created by other players or NPCs) must be fixed immediately.
  • Use of mods (such as flying, speed, or x-ray) that violate the server’s permissions is grounds for immediate banning.
  • Profanity and sensitive topics are not forbidden, (see below), but excessive and unnecessary profanity or offensiveness (as judged by the staff) will not be allowed.
  • Don’t steal other player’s belongings.
  • Keep the server load down. No wandering off 100 km in one direction, or other actions that would needlessly tax the server.
  • All use of TNT and lava is logged and reviewed constantly. Use it responsibly.
  • Don’t beg Admins or Lawmen for powers or items. Minecraft is a DIY experience.
  • Report any destructive players or offenses to or contact one of the Lawmen or Admins on the forum directly – full list here.

Those are the core rules, but there’s more guidelines.  While on the SoA you’re responsible for abiding by all of them.


Show respect to other members, new and old, and respect the SoA staff (Admin and Lawmen). Each member of the SoA community has a differing background, and as a result also will have differing opinions. If someone has a different opinion from you, respect it. You are allowed to disagree, but being rude to them for it is unacceptable. This also goes for our staff and SoA members of every Trade.  Admins, Lawmen, and Shopkeeps are here to help you, and they do so voluntarily, so treat them with respect. Rudeness to the point of becoming considered a “public nuisance” by a majority of server members is grounds for banning.

Respect also extends to people’s Minecraft creations. Don’t build in someone else’s structures or space unless they have invited you to do so. Don’t inhabit a space that has been built by someone other than you. If you accidentally knock a hole in someone’s structure then fix it the way it was. If you don’t have the materials then leave a note explaining what happened and attempt to set the things right before you do anything else.


There is no age restriction on the SoA, but it should not be considered “all-ages”. By entering into this virtual world you do so at your own risk.  You may encounter structures or discussions that are adult in nature. Nerdy Show takes no responsibility for you seeing something that’s not to your liking or the sensibilities of your parent or guardian.

Because you never know the age of someone you might be talking to online, use your best judgement when starting conversations. Profanity or risque conversations are permitted, but (as listed above) excessive and unnecessary profanity or offensiveness (as judged by the staff) will not be allowed. This might be the internet, but stay classy, dammit.

Links to xxx websites, piracy websites, discriminatory websites, chans, or grossly NSFW content is not permitted and is grounds for banning.


If you want to become an honorary citizen of the Server of Awesome or assist with the community then you can apply for a “Trade”.

Trades are the job class system within the server. “Prospector” is the basic server membership and opens up chest/door locking and community warps. “Shopkeep” is a more restricted trade, capable of spawning material kits – they have a responsibility for maintaining community material centers. Other invite-only trades include Lawmen (protectors of the SoA) and Architects (master builders).

Access to restricted trades can be earned by anyone who makes the SoA their home. Become a member of the community in good standing, and earn greater responsibility.

Keeping the SoA Awesome

If someone is breaking the rules – report it. Copy down that players name, the time the instance happened, and e-mail or contact one of the Lawmen or Admins on the forum directly – full list here.

Don’t be a dick. What’s the difference between trolling and griefing? Practically nothing. What might be mischievous to you can be evil to another. If you’ve got a conflict-oriented acidic personality, it’s not going to work out well for you here.

Keep the SoA looking good! For example: Don’t build random columns straight up into the air and leave them, and if you’re not willing to cut ALL the wood from a tree (not just the bottom four blocks) then don’t break any at all. Adding to another player’s structures is only okay with consent and building on someone’s land intentionally just to annoy them will be considered griefing.

The SoA community has started their own list of things to keep in mind for keeping the SoA beautiful. So check out the forum thread for server etiquette.


As a general rule it’s not a good idea to let someone else login with your account on the SoA. You will be held responsible for any rule breaking someone else commits under your name. “My younger sibling did that” is not a valid excuse, and you could be probated or banned for failing to respect your own account credentials.

If you’re a vanilla player without a chest locking ability, or have yet to be approved for a Trade on the SoA, your items are your responsibility.  Theft is not tolerated, but is hard to police. Be responsible for your own items.

Please, do not report griefing in the form of a forum post, contact one of the Lawmen or Admins on the forum directly – full list here.


Violation of the SoA rules is grounds for banning or suspension of any SoA privileges, based on the consensus of the SoA Lawmen and Admins.

If you’ve been banned and feel it was unjust then please contact or contact one of the Lawmen on the forum directly – full list here.  We’ll resolve the situation as quickly and fairly as possible. If a final ruling has been made then it is set in stone.


For more information on the Server of Awesome go here: The Server of Awesome

To interact with the Nerdy Show Minecraft community head to The Forums

Quick reference for SoA Lawmen, Admins and other info: The SoA Help Desk

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