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    Going into production this summer. Thoughts and opinions. Go!

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    I’m into it. I wonder if it’ll be a miniature version of the show with some monster of the week/mythology mix, or one or the other extreme? Any known writers coming back? Seems like all the good ones are on to bigger things since then.


    Carter has stories that he’s reserved for himself that Joe Harris can’t touch in Season 10. Six episodes seems like a great way to take care of this, tell some fun stories AND conclude pressing storylines unless Cater still wants to play coy and… goddamn… fans will not respond well to that cock tease again *cough* I Want to Believe.

    I saw a summary, and I’m not sure how valid it is – but I hope it is – makes it sound like the new season will start with them already on the X-Files and not invalidate Season 10.

    If this season can work with the comics and not against them, while finishing off some key storylines, that would be my dream.


    Maybe they’ll end up doing something like the Heroes comic series. In it, they did some small story stuff that wasn’t in the show. Granted, you kind of had to see the show, but the comic provided some more story. Not to that extreme, but the X-Files comic could become like a Side Jobs kind of thing? Guess we’ll see, though.

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    What if the X-Files returning is a government conspiracy?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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