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    PC – Minecraft (single player survival, borrowed a login from my cousin so no server time allowed)
    Emulater – Pokemon Pearl (going for the “Hey, that’s new pokemon lets put in on the team.” Not played since Yellow so everything is basically new)

    A short list yes, but my free time is limited.

    @ViralDemon PM me if you are up for some LFD2. I have been looking for a good new excuse to play again.


    PC – I’ve been playing an old, old DOS game, Master of Magic, and crying myself to sleep because it is better than most Grand Strategy games we have nowadays. Hoping that Warlock; Master of the Arcane will be up for the challenge.

    Console – Dark Souls, ALWAYS Dark Souls. But I’ve been recently bedazzled by Asura’s Wrath, one of those rare few Eastern games that really grabs my attention. Which I enjoyed so much as to actually purchase the damn thing. This is exceptional, because down here in Brazil taxes on electronics (games included) are so high that the price for any given game is about 3x what it is in the U.S.(PRAISE STEAM) But it was worth it.

    The Fishwatcher


    I have logged about 60 hours now on Disgaea DS. I usually play a little bit before I go to sleep. Good game, almost too grindy for me. I just recently went through New Super Mario Bros. Wii and got all the Star Coins. Wish I had more time to game, but life gets in the way.


    PC – I WAS Playing The Witcher 2 but the Enhanced Edition caused a game breaking bug for me and I am currently trying to resolve it.

    Xbox 360 – Been putting off beating Mass Effect 3 for a while now. Also in the middle of Enslaved: Journey to the West

    PS3 – Uncharted atm, and kinda sorta FF13



    PC – Dang! I feel sorry for you, The Witcher 2 is an incredible experience.

    Xbox 360 – In regards to ME3, probably for the best.

    The Fishwatcher



    Dude don’t get me started lol. It is a known bug when using a pre Enhanced Edition save. The wheel that you need to turn for the quest “Vergen Besieged” is turned a a 90 degree angle and you can’t interact with it. Giant PITA to fix it.


    PC – Runescape, League of Legends, and some playing around in Fallout: New Vegas

    GBC – Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Challenge with a starter of Sandshrew

    Xbox 360 – Mass Effect 3, Modern Warfare 3, finishing Lost Odyssey at some point

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    Everquest II
    Minecraft (rarely)


    Metroid Fusion, Earthbound, Mother 3, Super Metroid, and other games.
    Emulators, go.


    Little bit of Minecraft again. I have an Idea I need to flesh out.

    Warlock: Master of the Arcane. It’s okay, not as deep as Masters of Magic but it’ll do for now.

    Elemental: Fallen Enchantress.

    Skyrim: Thinking of holding off for awhile though until the DLC comes out.

    I’m also looking forward to Castle Story I think they start their kickstarter for it next week so I’ll be looking for a playable version of it when that starts.

    Arctic Banana

    I just reinstalled Morrowind last week. I never realized how much I missed Vaardenfell.


    I also had started a Skyrim playthrough but put it on hold until the DLC comes out and some mods I am looking forward to get more fleshed out.

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    I picked up dead island on 360. It’s decent, but could have been better.

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    I remember back when I installed… What, 136 mods for Skyrim?
    T’was beautiful, I tell you. That one mod with really dark nights gave me quite the scare when a dragon came out of the shadows and bit my torso off, but it was very inconvenient as well.


    The Fishwatcher


    The instability is half of the fun. The other half is figuring out why half of the landscape suddenly disappeared. Feels like pimping out one’s car or bike.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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