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    Jim Finley sent us the CCG card of Doug’s favorite Imperial.

    As mentioned in the latest episode:


    About that “best imperial officer” bit. If expanded universe material is allowed… Let’s skip over Thrawn because he’s motherfucking Thrawn and we can just acknowledge he wins by default. So, Grand Admiral Thrawn not withstanding, I nominate Captain Pellaeon. The sensible, reasonable, no nonsense, idealist cool old guy who happens to be the number one reason why Timothy Zann’s depiction of the Empire was so likable that most of us rooted for it. I would say Veers would be a close second for sheer competence. Admiral Daala could also be somewhere in there if her plans didn’t spectacularly fail 99% of the time.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    Cant wait for the next State of the Empire episode!!! Just heard rumor of Zach Snyder to be attached to a non trilogy Star Wars Film!!! Heres a link…. im not sure if its reputable…. just got me excited!



    @hyperheroman We’d already set a record date and then this hit the web. Hopefully a couple more bombs will drop, either way,the next episode is gonna be a good one!


    Nerds Show! Forshowingt up-to-date star wars information.
    few thoughts:
    1. I believe For hurt his ankle cause he went Christian Bael on someone, though not sure who but my guess would be the continuity advisor (if there is such a title) for tryibg to correct how Solo is supposed to act.
    2. Doug comment involving Han Solo and time traveling and so i have to ask, would u still watch it of someone made it?
    3. Involving titling, my biggest problem with episode 2, aside from portraying Anikin as a date raper, was the title. From New Hope to Phantom menace now they have “attack of the clones” kind of lame
    (Side comment – does anyone else believe that is you name a war after one group fighting it should be the group that was the transgressor.)
    4. if episode 7 is introducing the Solo child are you excited of they keep with the old cannon and make her a Jeri
    5. The Star Wars. I want to read it but is it true that the book gets bad. Is that the fault of dark horse or just keeping with the Lucas story


    On “The Star Wars” – Dark Horse had to keep with the Lucas script entirely, that was the point. It’s meant to be more of a curiosity than something good. And though it’s truly awful in places, finding out how awful it was is a part of the experience of checking this crazy mess out.

    Someone’s kid is gonna be a Jedi – more likely to be a Solo than Luke’s. As long as they’re awesome and not annoying – I’m all about it. I can’t really think in cannon perspectives any more. New is new, old is old. If they tap on to something cool from the old universe, great, but even then they won’t be allowing past cannon in full – just what they show.


    Most things that are new generation don’t always stand up to the original. Batman beyond was that kind of example of “here’s a new batman, same spirit, he’s clever, he’s just not The Batman.
    Worry is: in introducing this new generation they really need to show how they are able to carry the torch. Having the originals there are needed but i wonder what they will do for the next Generation that will make fans interested in leaving the old cast’s story and embracing the new.


    Fyi, KOTOT is half off today on steam.

    For those with time and are interested in Reven.


    Here is a 50 Cent with a “sophisticated metaphor” relating Star Wars to women’s lingerie:

    Inactive (as meeting on flame on) just released a bunch of star wars games.

    I’ve not played many of them but I was a big fan of rouge squadron back on the day.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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