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    Oh say they are in horseback oh Please, oh please, oh please.

    So do you have an idea of what sorts of paranormal encounters would find in the great north


    I can thing of one…


    There will have to be zombie and/or ghost mounties at some point. Perhaps on a mission to burn down the white house again. Maybe Some local woods are being stalked by a ethereal serial killer who dresses like a lumber jack. The possible Canadian stereotype ghost adventures are endless!

    But seriously, I think I might do one or both of the above at some point.

    My other name is Rosswell


    Sounds great. But is there any local legends in mountie country that are worthy of busting?


    @Armadon, Yeah thats a bit of a problem. Most of our folklore and horror stories are shared with America, as far as I’ve heard. The one thing that we have is Sasquatch, and possibly some First Nations culture. But I don’t really know. A Wendigo could be a cool creepy one. And If I’m feeling unoriginal I can match GBR’s Billy with the Werewolf of London Ontario.

    My other name is Rosswell


    @heavydevil, first of all sasqustch ain’t no folklore. He works for the jack link company, major spokesman any attempt to bust you will hear from his lawyers.

    SECOND, wendigo could be cool.
    Good luck on your adventures and let us know how your body count players deal with the game system.


    Ghostbusting Gear has arrived in Scotland!!! Already laminated the Certificate as I’m pretty sure it’d be a cola magnet at our gaming table. 🙂 Looks as awesome as I expected. Good job folks.

    As luck would have it, I had a Canadian round last night (bad movie night, Expendables 3, pretty bad). I was told about this Canadian beast by the Canuk in question….. Much like the Loch Ness Monster I suppose. Perhaps one or the other could be out for revenge for any busting of its ‘spiritual’ family.

    As for where I live, the local council website has this section….

    And just 20 minutes from my comfy abode….. (not sure why it saves Kincardinshire, as its Aberdeen south now)

    Right, away to find a suitable container for the dice before the kids eat them! 🙂

    Slater folks,


    Nice! Any plans to incorporate Wallace McMillan (AKA, The Demoman) from the International Busters?

    If so, here are the stats I used:

    Demoman – Wallace McMillan
    Brains 3 – Explosives 6
    Muscles 3 – Drink/Fight 6
    Moves 2 – Melee Weapons/Objects 5
    Cool 4 – Distract 7

    General Manager of the Central Florida Ghostbusters
    We're ready to believe you! | (321) 209-2020 | Twitter: @GBResurrection

    Thunder the M.

    Just in case it’s useful, here’s the rest of the technical mumbo jumbo from the Ghostbusters video game. Maybe it will be useful in the “Fake Science” department.

    Here’s the stuff on the Dark Matter Generator.

    – The most advanced piece of technology that the Ghostbusters ever made. Piece of art, marvel of technology and science. The Dark Matter Generator creates exotic particles, these “Dark Matter” particles that are both natural, but yet alien to our universe, thus with our limited knowledge makes them highly unstable and dangerous to use. But its unique properties makes it one of the best ways to fight ghosts, and maybe one day it can be used to destroy them for good.

    In reality, Dark Matter comprises close to 23% of the observable universe’s matter-energy content, and is invisible to emitted or scattered electromagnetic energy. However, its effects can be studied through its gravitational effects on mass around it. Most dark matter is non-baryonic, meaning it contains no atoms and does not interact with conventional matter through electromagnetic force. Comprised of neutrinos and hypothetical elements like axions and super-symmetric particles, dark matter can pass through conventional matter with little effect.

    Dark matter absorbs energy from the spectral entities it’s exposed to by way of the weak nuclear force, stripping away their PK Energy by reacting with it. In the case of the Stasis Stream, such a reaction causes their physical component (ectoplasm) to temporarily crystallize, slowing or ‘freezing’ a PK Entity altogether.

    Shock Blast (the shotgun part)
    – the Shock Blast expels a conical pattern of stripped Dark Matter particles that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. It is very powerful at close range but less accurate and less potent the further you are from your target. It works well on inbound ghosts, vapor swarms, or near-proximity entities. In essence, the Shock Blast is comparable to a shotgun, dealing extreme damage at close proximity, but rapidly losing its effectiveness over distance. The spread of dark-matter particles makes the Shock Blast a preferred weapon when dealing with quick-moving entities such as the Paper Constructs.

    Name: Shock Blast Heat Reduction
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Reduces Shock Blast Heat Cost
    Desc: It has been found that adding a positive graviton filter to the Shock Blast’s condenser ring decreases the heat cost for each generated pulse of high density, stripped Dark Matter particles. This reduces the heating cost of each blast allowing the device to be fired more before risking overheating. Because the glare from the graviton filter’s vent array can cause temporary blindness, please refrain from looking directly down into the Neutrona Wand when a blast is triggered.

    Stasis Stream: (the slowy-downy part)
    The Stasis Stream emits a high capacity stream of order-reversing particles that hypobond to ectoplasmic matter causing crystallization, effectively immobilizing or “freezing” ghosts and other paranormal entities. While this tool won’t disperse any creatures by itself, it effectively “freezes” enemies in their place (or, at the very least, slows them), allowing you to either get away or to switch to a more powerful device and dish out more damage. The Stasis Stream has nothing to do with cold, but the end result is similar.


    Name: Stasis Stream Amplifier
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Immobilization Rate Increase
    Desc: Oscillating the Stasis Stream’s particle flow at precisely 3.14159 GHz has substantially amplified the order-reversing particles’ hypobonding capacity leading to an increased enemy immobilization speed. To pre-answer a commonly asked question: Being exposed to these order-reversing particles affects the user’s gender in no discernible way.

    Name: Stasis Stream Heat Reduction
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Reduces Stasis Stream Heat Cost
    Desc: Adding a secondary particle inhibitor to the device’s accumulator core decreases the Stasis Stream’s heat accumulation rate allowing the device to be fired for much longer periods before risking an automatic overheating shutdown. Please note that O-R particle back flow can result in numb fingers and hands. Also, avoid undue wand contact or risk experiencing fleeting feelings of ennui, angst and boredom-laced paranoia.


    Amadon there was a episode of Decoded about an Alaskan version of the Bermuda Triangle. Towards the middle of the episode there is a Tlinquit man giving the folklore version of a spirit entity that abducts people and of course never returns them. The triangle is completely within Alaskan state borders but maybe you could say the ancient entity doesn’t care about recent human established borders or some such. I’ll post a link to the episode. The entity is not all spooky in other descriptions on the web but you could leave those out.

    Devil’s Graveyard: Alaska Ep 13 Brad Meltzer’s Decoded


    Citizen Stu

    Hey @cap

    Do you have any idea how long the other franchise kit you sent to the Netherlands took to arrive? Delivery is probably just taking a while but mine has not arrived yet.

    An accident prone Englishman living in the Netherlands:


    @citizen-stu Unfortunately not. I guess the good news is that we haven’t heard back from the other Netherlanders so they must have theirs. We do know that international IS taking its sweet-ass time. Thanks for the patience, dude. We had no idea these things were going to be as successful as they have been. We’re not trying to implement tracking measures so we’ll be able to keep better tabs on stuff. (Though, how much we’ll be able to track overseas is up in the air)

    Citizen Stu

    Thanks @cap. I figured it was probably just slow delivery times. No rush. I can wait. I was just getting curious and wanted to check that there had not been any EPA interference or something like that. Thanks.

    An accident prone Englishman living in the Netherlands:


    Hey Guys,

    I’m a big fan of the series, (The GBR episodes are in a permanent playlist on my phone, I go back to it when I run out of other podcasts). I recently placed an order for a franchise kit, the site didn’t have anything about stock and I got a receipt for payment. I understand that this is a busy time of year and that the kit requires some custom printing and the like, so I was just wondering what kind of timeline we’re looking at.

    No rush, I don’t actually have a game planned at the moment, I just wanted to have the stuff, in case. (This seems like it would make a great game for 1-shot, if the opportunity comes up to ease my group away from fantasy for a while.)

    Thanks, and looking forward to season 3

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