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    I didn’t even think of that @anduin, good call

    visually sure I think it looks cool, but would any of you have it in your games?



    Now I’m not an expert on the science behind the arc reactor, but I have a strong sense that the quasi science/logic for the reactor abd the petition pack are contradictory. Either they could not exist in the same universe because the principals they are based on see the same but interrupted different, or the mechanism by which they operate are different.


    One of the items I was looking for was the Mk II slime blower which attaches to the proton pack like in the game. We have added in Toben’s guide and Spate’s guide to the PKE meter. Working with our Ghostmaster to see what other types of modifications to equipment he will allow, that might be outside the norm and canon. Though I am not fully sure what is considered canon here.


    That would be up to @seven (doug) if he will accept certain things as cannon. I know he didn’t want his PCs using the duel proton/slime pack. But good on ya, keep it up


    As far as GBR is concerned, the following is “canon”:

    Ghostbusters 1 & 2
    Ghostbusters: The Video Game (realistic version)
    GBR Seasons 1 & 2 (of course)

    I realize this makes the Slime Blower Mk II canon for us, but it was just a prototype. I just reasoned that it was still a little wonky, unreliable, and probably too expensive to keep repairing. Plus, if we made a card for it, it would completley nullify the standard Proton Pack and Slime Blower cards. Who’d carry one of those if you could have the “two-in-one” version?

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    A thought accrued…and now another…now the first thought is gone.
    the second thought, is there a science to why the slime blower doesn’t run out of slime or is that just something no one talks about?


    I think I remember from some interview 5 years ago that the ectoplasm regenerates but the game makers may have been giving a facetious in game answer.

    Thunder the M.

    I realize this makes the Slime Blower Mk II canon for us, but it was just a prototype. I just reasoned that it was still a little wonky, unreliable, and probably too expensive to keep repairing. Plus, if we made a card for it, it would completley nullify the standard Proton Pack and Slime Blower cards. Who’d carry one of those if you could have the “two-in-one” version?

    The comic book did the same thing.

    The thing was probably too damn heavy for practical use anyway.


    Then I have a question about in game prerequisites: do u need a certain Stat number to handle certain items
    if so then adding to @mthunder comment maybe only a high muscles can use it

    Thunder the M.

    That might work… put restrictions on it’s use.
    1) the combo packs that exist never got out of the prototyping stage so a ghost die when using one has a chance for a malfunction. (No “bugs” were ever worked out of those designs and it’s implied that before Rookie, a user disintegrated firing a prototype pack. They are not safe!)
    2) only busters with very high Muscles can equip them, and they can carry nothing else.
    3) They are overburdened, so they have to take penalties to their Moves, Dodge, Run, Jump and other such checks, and will automatically fail checks on Climbing or Swimming or anything like that. But they get bonuses to Intimidate and Cool, because they look like walking arsenals.
    4) Every time you switch functions, due to the untested nature of the tech, you add another ghost die to your roll. If you ever roll three ghosts or more, the pack fails catastrophically.

    BUT you get a Boson Collider, Dark Matter Generator, Stasis Stream, Proton Stream, and Slime Blower all in one. It might be worth it.


    I seem to remember that there was an electrical charge being sent through the slime in the slime blower tank causing it to replicate.

    …I suddenly feel the need to have my GBs fight a Ghost Shark. Maybe the Megalodon skeleton in the museum downtown.

    Thunder the M.

    Here’s the description of the “Plasm Distribution System” from the video game (Dan Akyroyd himself was key consultant on the tech copy in that game. See if you can tell.)

    Increased force Upgrade: “Desc: Channeling a low-level stream from the pack’s proton emitters directly into the Plasma Containment Vessel has nearly tripled the ectoplasm’s replication rate providing the Slime Blower with a range and damage increase. Take note that the impressive amount of pressure exerted by this super-agitated ectoplasm will most likely not result in a Plasm Tank rupture.”
    – Comment: Note the “most likely.” If one of the experimental packs DID rupture, that’d explain why the design was never fully developed.

    Reduced Slime Consumption: “A more energetic ectoplasm growth medium has been developed. Initially discovered among Dr. Spengler’s collection of spores, molds and fungus, the addition of this growth medium to the Proton Pack’s plasm tank causes the ectoplasm to replicate more vigorously which greatly increases the slime’s replication rate. This allows the Slime Blower to be fired for longer periods before emptying the tank and forcing a shutdown until ectoplasm again replicates to usable levels. It has been reported that this new growth medium does, on rare occasions, restore some of the slime’s previous ’emotive’ characteristics so it is highly encouraged to put the Slime Blower away when entering areas where punk, heavy metal or hip hop music is being played very loudly.”
    – Comment: so it IS possible to corrupt a green slime tank if it uses this newer, faster-replicating growth medium. If the slime doesn’t keep it’s positive charge, you might have a problem…

    Slime Tether
    Duration Boost: “Increasing the rotation speed of the Slime Tether’s emitter ‘spinnerets’ substantially increases ectoplasm strand cohesion which results in longer lasting slime tethers. It should be noted that on rare occasions a mini-strand launched by a spinneret misfire has been known to suddenly (and inopportunely) tether a Ghostbusters’ legs together. Stride accordingly.”
    – Comment: The slime tether is not that useful if you trip yourself firing it.

    Cost Redicution: “It has been discovered that flash heating ectoplasm immediately before it enters the Slime Tether’s compression chamber results in a tether strand that requires fewer ectoplasm linkages. This reduces the amount of slime needed for each tether allowing the user to fire more slime tethers before a pack shutdown is triggered. It has also been reported that this flash heating substantially improves a tether strand’s taste, though it is suggested you don’t attempt to verify this for yourself.”
    – Comment: Don’t eat the slime tether. You hear me? I said DON’T.


    @mthunder with all that placed Into one pack I would hate to see that catastrophic failure result. (Probably open a pathway to a relm full of Gozer like entities.
    Thanks for looking up that game info.

    that is now on my mind too.

    Thread question: when was the last time you play the GB video game, and did any of you the the achievement for the least amount of damage?


    The Way our Ghostmaster reasoned around the need is that the Mk II has limited slime, and no tethering ability. This keeps the regular Slimeblower as a need in many cases. Also we had to do test runs with the equipment to see if it would survive and in fact it did short out once as we had two packs ready. The other types of streams and such we haven’t used as of yet. Maybe give the Blank equipment cards a go and a few of the other ideas to throw in for the upgraded equipment.


    What would the stats be for a ghost megalodon using it’s old fossilized jaw as dentures?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 141 total)
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