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    Hello, Nerdy Show! I am a longtime listener of the show. Like others before me, I discovered you when Nuklearpower first linked to episode one of D&D. Been listening to you regularly ever since. I hail from the wilds of southern Arkansas and have to drive two hours every day for work. Nerdy Show has filled many of those hours with quality conversations. You’ve exposed me to so much great music too. Also, exposure to other things. Ahem.
    Most of my gaming time is now filled by Blizzard Entertainment, but I still make time for the Batman Arkham series and the occasional Disgaea rpg. Looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy soon, and maybe some cool announcements out of SDCC for all things nerdy. Really appreciate you guys! Nice to meet you.


    On behalf of the Nerdy Show Crew and Community, welcome to the forums!

    Long before I became Community Manager I also discovered Nerdy Show through NuklearPower, so I’m curious if there was something in particular that made you decide to signup now as opposed to in the past.

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace


    Hey, welcome to the forums.

    Another Clevinger-recruit here too, I guess there are lot of us around.


    welcome. What is NuklearPower? (my internet experience is that of a jailed monkey)


    Welcome! I too must drive almost two hours daily because of work. So I know that feel, and I’m glad we could help! 😎

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    Welcome new friend!~

    For the Commonwealth!

    Ice Abyzz

    And I’ve been complaining about my 30 minute commute πŸ˜•

    Welcome to the forums. What sparked the interest to join now after being a listener for so long? πŸ™‚


    @pseery80 is Brian Clevinger’s website which hosted/hosts his long running 8-Bit Theatre comic which lasted like 8 years and concluded about 5 years ago. It also hosts his comic ‘Warbot in Accounting’ and information about his published comic book series ‘Atomic Robo’.

    It also had a comic series with Mega Man sprites spoofing the Romance of the 7 Kingdoms series, but I can’t seem to find it on there any more. It was good. πŸ™‚

    Welcome aboard!

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.

    Sage Zer0

    @mauran Romance of the *THREE kingdoms. Which is a pretty good book(in 2 volumes) by the way.

    Welcome traveler! I’m sure you’ll find your time here lacking in dull-ness.


    @tehmsu Nice to meet you. I too got here from Brian Clevinger and 8-bit Theatre. Always good to have a new voice in the forums.

    My other name is Rosswell


    Ah, thanks for the correction OmniG. I knew I was partly wrong, but I shot for part marks. Thanks for bringing the other half.

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    yay more forum peoples welcome @tehmsu

    I’m here second degree from nuklear power. I never actually clicked the link but a friend who had brought me here.

    Steam: Garayur


    The longest i drove to work was 1 hour, down a long nothing road to a always empty video store (do u all remember those?), and I thought u was going to go crazy. Didn’t have mp3 or anything like it and the only thing to keep me entertained on the trip was reading Wheel of Time.

    So tehmsu why start foruming now?
    I know foruming is not a word.


    Thank you and hello to everyone!

    I joined the forums as a way to follow up after I wrote that fanfic. I don’t usually participate in forums, but there is a lot of praiseworthy effort here πŸ™‚


    What fan fic

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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