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    If you’ve been here more than once, you’ve probably noticed that the site is totally different looking now.

    That’s my doing, for better or worse. I’ve put a lot of effort in it so far, but there is still a LONG way to go, and a lot of stuff I want to update/change.

    There are going to be bugs for a little while, but I’ll stomp them out as fast as I can. If you find anything, go ahead and post here so I can attack them.

    The dynamic content in the “Podcasts” and “News and Articles” submenus have wonky formatting.
    The sidebar doesn’t function the same on the front page as it does on the rest of the site.
    There may be instances where the sidebar slides don’t load properly, a page reload will usually work.
    Top menu social icons don’t display properly in Firefox. This appears to be an issue with the plugin.
    Individual posts may have strange formatting that didn’t carry over well from the previous theme.

    If you have any comments or find any bugs not listed above, please let me know!


    Two “bugs” I’ve noticed so far:
    The “About me” sections on everyone’s profile page is difficult to read because of the color scheme.
    It’s also taking sentence fragments and trying to turn them into tags of some kind.

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven


    I haven’t had a chance to see any bugs yet, but I’m loving the way everything is scaling on my BlackBerry. Good work.

    Except that the forum typing box and submit button are stuck off to the side. Not sure if it’s the same for other mobile devices.

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    I have barely tested the forum in regards to mobile, so that’s totally possible. I’ll look into it!


    I pulled the dynamic content out of the menu for now, and have made a bunch of misc performance and style tweaks. The profile issue is gone, thanks Doug!

    I also found a new bug in the way Chrome for Android renders the page. I fixed half of it, but there is still a white bar at the top that I need to destroy.


    the only bug i am encountering is opening the main page on and ipad and it telling me it needs to reload page until it says there is a problem. i am however able to get the site via web history to the forums


    First time I’ve heard of anything like that. I don’t really have an iPad to test that on; I’ll see what I can do.


    Looking at it on mobile iOS, the new format looks awesome. Haven’t seen a bug yet either. Great job!


    I guess it’s fine. I don’t love the white-text-over-gradient contrast for legibility reasons. I like that there is a feed summarizing what happens on the main page since I never go there, but I think it’s about 50% wider than it needs to be given what i care about (the actual thread) when I am viewing the forum. It’s about 1/3 the screen when I have my browser maximized, but when I shrink it down and it triggers the next media query, the feed seems to have a fixed width whereas the forum posts are able to compress laterally a bit. This makes it so that the feed is probably 40-45% of the viewable area, and since it has that constantly cycling banner at the top it keeps drawing my eye away from the thread. When I shrink down to the lowest media query and it shunts that whole feed to the bottom, the banner (and problem) goes away, but since the block containing everyone’s avatar/name doesn’t shrink either, it still cramps up the body text, which is the whole point of the page.


    On mobile, the avatar image gets about 40-45% of the available real estate because it doesn’t shrink at all, so you get a column of text that can get about 5-7 words before it wraps to the next line. This is basically the same behavior you see if you squish your desktop browser down to the narrowest width. What you get is a full size avatar, then below it a column of useless whitespace with all the body text looking like it is poetry formatted and right-adjusted. Also, that old problem of not having an easy link to login while on mobile is still a thing.


    3 things

    1) anytime someone mentions iPad, it links to a Wal-Mart site.
    -product links are a little annoying in general, but this should at least link to Amazon thru the nerdy show affiliate link.

    2) Without the old play menus for episodes, I cannot manually download episodes to conserve mobile data. I normally play thru sound cloud, but towards the end of the month my data is tapped out. There once was a link thru sound cloud to do this, but it was removed months ago.

    3) The format size for typing from chrome for Android is crammed. I have to scroll from side side to see the entire line of text.


    I’ll look into improving the forum functionality for mobile this weekend when I get a chance. Good notes for fixes, thanks!

    Anduin, if I were you, I’d get the BeyondPod app or something similar to download the podcasts for you and play them more easily. You can search for the Nerdy Show full network feed, or individual shows! Other apps will work fine, but this is the one I’ve tested recently. I’ll see what I can do about getting download links on the pages though.


    @anduin So there WAS a download link on the embedded player? I could’ve sworn there was but convinced myself I was going crazy. Something we’re adding into our posts is a text “Download” link – seen in the most recent Friday night fanfic posts. If BeyondPod doesn’t do it for ya you can always go to an episode’s page on Soundcloud and just add “/download” to the end of the URL.


    @cap, either your not crazy, or we had traversal hallucinations. Both are possible, but I hold to the embedded download link being there for 2-3 weeks before it disappeared. I have been using the old style play bar until recently. I’ve seen the download link, and thanks for adding it. I hope that feature stays for all the future episodes.

    , @cap both thanks for the options for tracking the shows. I’ll be tinkering away this weekend after my taxes are finished.


    Digging the new look! I don’t have to scroll right on my computer to see it anymore! Woo!

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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