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    Going to Moogfest? Let us know! Maybe we can do a meet-up!

    Hey all! We’ve got some interviews coming up with an awesome bunch of figures from the sci-tech and science fiction community that we’ll be interviewing leading up to Moogfest in April. If you have questions for them, we want to know!

    David X Cohen – Executive Producer and writer of Futurama
    Claire Evans – from the band YACHT, resurrected the legendary sci-fi magazine, OMNI
    Neil Harbisson – thee world’s first government recognized cyborg – he was number 3 on our top 20 list last year!
    Mark Frauenfelder – Editor-in-chief of MAKE Magazine and co-editor for Boing Boing

    Have a look at some of the awesome events they’ll be a part of:
    And if you’ve got any questions for them, pertaining to Moogfest or not, sound off here!


    I’d kinda be curious to hear if there were any backroom brainstorming sessions that yielded comedy gold for David X Cohen, but he wasn’t able to air due to television restrictions. Futurama is outrageously hilarious, and that’s only the stuff they’re able to broadcast.
    Also for David Cohen: John DiMaggio is a voice actor who’s in tons of stuff which we all enjoy. It blew my mind when I figured out Jake the Dog, Marcus Fenix and Bender were all the same dude. I just read he did Joker’s voice on IMDB in Batman: Under the red hood. Maybe he’s next after Mark Hamill. I’d just want to know what John’s like to work with? Any cool stories about working with him? Maybe they play office pranks or something of the sort.

    Neil Harbisson. I’m sure you’ll already be asking how he determined the sound tones in correlation to colour. I’m also curious: How minutely do the tones vary through a palette of colours. Like light green over to turquoise (a combination of blue and green) to drab olive (kinda like a pastel greeney-brown) to a deep forest green for instance?

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    We’re interviewing Clare Evans and Mark Frauenfelder tomorrow afternoon, then Neil Harbisson on Tuesday! Ask while you can!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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