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    Copying this over from my original intro in the “oldforums” from a while back when I first came on-board here….

    I’m probably in the running for “oldest fart” in the forum. Found the Nerdy Show via my daughter (Jonna)’s involvement and have popped in regularly for a while now.

    Gaming goes back to Pong. Dropped a lot of quarters on that new Space Invaders game during my final term in engineering school, once I knew I wasn’t going to run out of money before graduating. Soon after came the original Tron arcader… …flash forward to Genesis, when little Jonna and I got into home gaming together. And onward from there. Now I do a few PS3 games between Netflix. My favorite most recently was Infamous, looking forward to Portal 2 now. Wondering if Half Life 2 Ep 3 will be worth the wait.

    Techie cred: worked on the Space Shuttle launch systems through the 12th launch (which was the FIRST launch of the just-retired Discovery), went on to designing the device driver system for OS/2 (anybody remember that?), architecting the software for the first ThinkPad (which was a pen-based tablet similar to iPad), virtual reality prototyping, architecting a “talking head” conversational interface (think Max Headroom)called “Personality Agents” (required too much horsepower for the PCs of that time), then moved over to Web development. I won’t bore you further with those details.

    Sorry about getting carried away…. Having fun here, plan to stick around.


    By the way, I need a job….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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