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    I really need to find a way to watch seasons 4 and 5.

    Hulu Plus has them, but the structure that Hulu is using doesn’t match my viewing activities.

    According to this link though, season 6 is changing things up.


    There are various… places to watch the past seasons, but I don’t necessarily want to post them here. Came to post about season 6, though. It’s pretty great. I love the show in general, but this season is probably my favorite so far. Granted, there are only 4 episodes out at the moment, so it may take a dive (as happens), but it’s definitely a good start.

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    Netflix has season 4, but not 5.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Not sure what you mean @kaosubaloo. It only exists on Netflix DVD rentals in the US. I found an article for season 5 showing up on . I’m not able to validate it though.

    There are also some rumors of it showing up on Amazon Prime, but the actual series isn’t listed. I’ll settle for some of the lectures.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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