The Original Server of Awesome

The original Server of Awesome was started when the game was in Alpha, and we started anew at the official launch of Minecraft.  SoA classic will always be available to play!

Download/Play SoA Classic

If someone wants to host this server for continued play, that’s fine by us.  Just know that the content therein is the creative property of the Nerdy Show Community and we ask that it be credited as such should the situation arise. It’s a big download, 2.8 gigs, so be warned.  You can get it here:

Download the Original Server of Awesome

Nerdy Minecrafter, Flawedspirit, has most graciously re-hosted the SoA Classic.  Check out the thread HERE.

See the Sights

You can check out some of the incredible structures on the original SoA, via our articles.

SoA Classic Article Archive


The original SoA is MASSIVE and so are these files. Look for earlier server maps in our past articles.

LATEST MAP: April 14th – mapping halted due to size see thread


Surface world rails are still the best way to take in the many brilliant sights of the Server. Check out our map of the original SoA’s various rail systems. This map isn’t complete, go to this thread to post additional rail lines for us to add.

A while back, user B1Brigade made a map of walking paths and various key landmarks on the server. Some names and credits are incorrect on the image, so check this thread, for full details and structure credits. B1Brigade’s Road & Landmark Map

Happy sightseeing!


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