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Nerdy Show hosts contests!

Each contest asks out listeners to put their creative talents to the test, that we might reward their awesomeness with prizes!  See below for our past and current contests, and check out the listings to find out how to enter.

Latest Contest

State of the Empire Coloring Contest

Due Date: January 31st, 2016

Epic Fan Music Challenges

Musicians of every genre, take heed for a challenge is upon you!
Show your nerd love by crafting a song about a significant force in our collective geekery. You will be asked to pool all your skills and brainpower into creating an original song based on one specific item of fandom – are you up to the challenge? Legendary prizes await.
Each contest is a month long and asks participants to construct unique songs in any style or genre to celebrate their fan-love.

Epic Fan Music Challenge 1 :

Blackest Night Song Fight CLOSEDWINNERS

Rare Game Remix Challenges

Tired of the same old game scores being remixed and retooled again and again?  Nerdy Show is too!

Everyone knows and loves FFVII, Mario Bros., Chrono Trigger, Mega Man, etc. folks have been remixing and re-recording those scores for ages – but what about the lesser known games with great soundtracks?  We’re talking eclectic shit.  We’ve all got games we love whose awesomeness goes unsung.  Now is the time to celebrate those rare games and their seldom-heard scores.

Each contest will be a month long and ask participants to remix, retool and remake music from specific source material.  Each contest has its own unique rules and way cool prizes.  You may not have heard any of these contests’ scores before, but one thing unites them- terrific music.  Check out the Nerdy Show Episode: “Rare Game Retro-Spection” for our send-up of but a few of the rare game scores we love.

Remix Challenge 1 :

Tetris Rap Attack (featuring Astronautalis)!   CLOSEDWINNERS

Remix Challenge 2:

Marvel Vs. Capcom Mixtape Remix Contest– Contest CLOSEDWINNERS

Fan Love Contests

Multi-media, no-holds-barred contests giving obscure characters, and forgotten pieces of nerdiness the fan love they deserve.  Short contests, singular subjects, big prizes… mega awesome.

Willrow Hood’s Star Wars Celebration V Giveaway CLOSED WINNERS




Minecraft Build-A-Thons

In the enchanted land of Nerdy Show’s Minecraft Server of Awesome talented builders let their imaginations soar with feats of block, architectural wonderment.  Periodically, Nerdy Show will hold themed building contests challenging and celebrating the noble Minecrafter-folk, rewarding their efforts with marvelous prizes.

Minecraft Video Game Build-A-Thon CLOSEDWINNERS

Minecraft Build-A-Thon: TelevisionMinecraft Television Build-A-Thon CLOSEDWINNERS


Minecraft Sci-Fi Build-A-ThonCLOSEDWINNERS

Art Contests

On occasion Nerdy Show will host art contests of various sorts.  Each has a specific theme and fun-fun exclusive prizes.  BTW, we accept fan art all the time and will put it up on our fridge.

Episode /34/ Art Contest :: May 2010 — CLOSED WINNERS WARNING: NSFW!!!

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