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  1. VIDEO: Wicked Anime :: Anime Boston 2017

    It’s that time again!  You know, that time where Wicked Anime makes a really late post about a con they went to nearly a year before!  Live vicariously through them as they travel around Anime Boston 2017.  This video has a Deadpool in it!!!

    Dedicated to our #1 fan and Wicked Anime supporter, Dad! (1962-2017)


  2. Wicked Anime LIVE! :: Hardcore Anime at The Geek Easy


    Join the cast of Wicked Anime for a night of the GORIEST and most VIOLENT anime and Japanese film you’ve ever seen!

    This ain’t your Pokymans! This is Wicked Anime‘s beloved 18+ panel that has packed the house at Anime Boston and now those bad boys are bringing it to Orlando at A Comic Shop’s Geek Easy on Saturday, June 27th. While your eyes feast upon the most intense visuals Japan has to offer, we’ll be bringing you the best, most absurd anime commentary we know how. You might even learn something! How many organs can YOU name? (more…)

  3. VIDEO: Wicked Anime :: Tokyo Eye

    Wicked Anime‘s video series return! Let us introduce you to Tokyo Eye – Never should you be so excited about checking out some public access TV. Japanophiles take heed of the gospel according to Chris Peppler and share it with your friends, family, co-workers and waifus!


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