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  1. Dungeons & Doritos :: The Debut Episode REMASTERED!

    Basic dnd imageThe debut adventure of Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos, is back and better than ever!

    Journey to the magical land of Doritodonia, and embark on a mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quest for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips! Dungeons & Doritos started as a one-shot episode of Nerdy Show where hosts Cap, Brian, Hex, and Triforce Mike were joined by ninja rapper DM Masurao of Krondor Krew to play 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The episode was so popular it became its own series and the legend begins here!


  2. Dungeons & Doritos :: Exposition Impossible

    dnd3_7_1400An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    Our heroes are in dire danger! Ever since Vimak, Jamela, and Lefty broke their comrade Barty out of prison they’ve been pursued by the nefarious bounty hunter, Black Pepper Jack. Jack’s got some serious beef and Barty’s got a whopping bounty on his head, but now that the party is surrounded, things have taken an unexpected turn. Some explaining is in order!

    Diplomacy isn’t the D&D crew’s strong suit, but they’re under the sword and unprepared for this delicate predicament. Will Barty’s sordid history finally catch up with him? How far will the party go to evade Jack’s smarmy clutches?  Their mission, should they choose to accept it, will take them on deadly ground – deep into the heart of Doritodan, capitol city of the land, where something has gone very, very wrong.


  3. Dungeons & Doritos :: ‘Twas The Night Before Crunchmas

    Crunchmas14_1400An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    ‘Tis the merriest time of year, ’tis Crunchmastime! What’s Crunchmas?! Why, you poor devil, Crunchmas is a festival of giving – when all the land is flavor-dusted in a thin blanket of snow, friends sup upon the finest Doritos in front of roaring fires, and Doritodonia is awash in the sound of bells, singing, and occasional gas. So break out your rarest, imported chips! Fill your tankard with spiced, bubbling drinks! It’s time to party! (more…)

  4. Dungeons & Doritos :: These Boots Were Made For Swappin’

    DnD3_5 1400An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    Last episode Jamela, Vimak, Barty, and Lefty woke up with the world’s worst hangover. A foul curse had beset upon Salsa City with our heroes right in the middle of it. Their bodies no longer as they knew them, they set sail for the source of their woes (or boons, depending on who you ask) seeking answers and and a cure… but they were foolish to think this situation couldn’t get any worse. (more…)

  5. Dungeons & Doritos :: D&D Q&A

    Go behind the scenes with the cast, crew, and characters of Nerdy Show’s RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos! Secret origins, roleplaying pointers, and much more!

  6. Dungeons & Doritos :: The Salsa City Switcheroo

    DND3_4_1400An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    Our band of heroes are in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Word on the street is that there’s a kickin’ party in the skeezy port town of Salsa City – and, get this, they’re giving away Doritos. Not just any Doritos either, they’ve got a boatload of Toasted Corn – a chip revered by connoisseurs for its purity of flavor. Sound too good to be true? IT IS.  Jamela, Vimak, Barty, and Lefty have been hit by beefy monsters and dire magicks, but they’ve never been up against anything this mind-shattering or mysterious. You could say it’s a truly transformative experience. (more…)

  7. Dungeons & Doritos :: Hearts of Darkness

    DnD3_3 300An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    When last we saw our heroes – Jamela the Dragonborn, Lefty the Pirate Queen, and Barty the Gleeman were scouring an island for riches. They didn’t find any gold, but they did find a wealth of trouble. Joined by a stud-muffin paladin named Baelin, the party is caught in the crossfire of irate natives and a powerful young sorceress wielding darkness itself. The odds are stacked against our heroes, but fortunately they’ve got an unexpected ally – who’s strength is only matched by his delusions of grandeur. (more…)

  8. Dungeons & Doritos :: The Temple of Gloom

    DnD-28 300An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

    It’s Adventures in Barty-Sitting! Lefty & Jamela get stuck keeping watch over their fugitive comrade; so naturally they head out on the high-seas!  But it’s not all tanning butter and mojitos – no such luck. Instead, the crew find themselves stalked by skull-faced islanders and trapped in a mysterious temple filled with dark magick.  With no healer, an unequipped Barty, and a foe the likes of which they’ve never encountered – the forecast looks bleak for our adventurers.  Fortunately for Jamela, there’s at least one silver lining: a hunky paladin with a penchant for divine light. (more…)

  9. Dungeons & Doritos :: Jailbreak!

    dnd27 300Dungeons & Doritos is back!
    Nerdy Show’s fan-favorite medieval fantasy RPG podcast returns with the first chapter in an all-new adventure. Welcome… to D&D Book III!

    The lovable rogue Barty has been imprisoned.  It’s up to his old “friends” – Vimak, the noble Goliath, Jamela, the sensual Dragonborn, and Lefty, the pirate queen, to bust him out of the slammer.  But Barty’s incarceration isn’t the country club variety.  He’s been tortured by a disturbing man with devious plans and is being taken to see the ominously named “Head Man”.  Can the rescue party break into the most feared prison in the realm in time to save him?  Will they come to their senses and leave Barty to rot?  And if they break in – can they ever break out? (more…)

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