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  1. Manga Review: Platinum End Volume 1


    The Breakdown

    Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the creative genius behind Death Note and Bakuman, unite for their third title. Platinum End Volume 1 is published by VIZ Media collects chapters 1-3 of the manga.

    Elevator Pitch

    A yin to Death Note‘s yang, but no less beguiling. A fast-paced psychological thriller with devilish angels and murderous heroes.

    The Verdict

    Platinum End is thought-provoking and shocking. Obata’s art keeps your eyes locked, exploring every detail. This is a story that begins with a bang and promises to not relent in later volumes. (more…)

  2. The Horror Delightfully Continues in Asylum Volume 2

    The Breakdownjohncarpentersasylum

    Storm King Productions released their second volume of the highly praised Asylum series, a story of good versus evil and all that is dark and twisted. Asylum is created by John Carpenter, Sandy King and Thomas Ian Griffith. Volume 2 is written by Sandy King (President, Storm King Productions) and Trent Olsen. The amazingly detailed and demonic art is provided by Tom Mandrake (Martian ManhunterThe Spectre) and Leonardo Manco (War MachineHellstorm).

    Elevator Pitch

    Asylum is a fresh take on a tale as old as time. The constant struggle between good and evil is brought to life with amazing artwork and writing. A priest and detective duo tackle the evil doings of mankind and their connection to the underworld, while still dealing with their own personal demons. The uncensored plot and graphic illustrations will immediately draw the attention of horror enthusiasts. (more…)

  3. Crowdfund This! Marc With a C, Atomic Robo, D20 Drinking Glasses & More


    Someone must’ve put out a memo that said Labor Day week was the time to launch crowdfunding campaigns – ’cause there’s an amazing batch of projects that just hit the web. These indie artists have the need for funds, and very worthy projects in need of funding, so here’s hoping you’ve got some money tucked away! Whether it’s funding artistic pursuits on Patreon, or scoring cool product via Kickstarter, below you’ll find details on the who’s, what’s, and where can I throw my moneys in the worlds of nerd music, comic books, and video games.


  4. Worry Doll Review: A Graphic Masterpiece from Matt Coyle

    The Breakdown

    Worry Doll is a graphic masterpiece written and illustrated by Matt Coyle, co-author of the 1996 graphic novel Registry of Death. Worry Doll was originally published in 2007, but has now been re-released as a new edition with an added foreword by Shaun Tan, known for works such as The Arrival and The Lost Thing.

    Elevator Pitch

    While at first glance Worry Doll appears to be a children’s book, it’s actually a mature and terrifying tale of three dolls who embark on murderous rampage. The illustrations from front-to-back are detailed in ways that leave you both mesmerized and horrified. Matt Coyle’s Gothic Noir inspired graphic novel is non-traditional and not for the faint-hearted.

    The Verdict

    After the first read, I wasn’t exactly sure what I just experienced. So, I decided to study the graphic novel again five more times…but my mind still cannot fully comprehend what I was reading.

    And I absolutely love it with a passion.

    The story and illustrations all feel like a terrible nightmare that keeps replaying through your head in a wild attempt to make sense of it all. The reader is able to take full control of what they believe is reality due to the plot leaving much to the imagination.

  5. Torchwood #1 Review & SDCC Panel Recap

    The Breakdowntorchwood-1-sdcc

    The adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and the Torchwood Institute continue in an ongoing comic from Titan Comics. This continuation of the Doctor Who spinoff is written by Carole Barrowman, with story heavily influenced byCaptain Jack himself, John Barrowman. Art by Antonio Fuso (G.I. Joe: Cobra, Drive) and Pasquale Qualano (Batman ’66, She-Hulk).

    Elevator Pitch

    Doctor Who for a more adult audience, a team of misfits defending the earth from extraterrestrial threats, ninjas on flying jetskis, and giant sea monsters. With influence from Barrowman himself, expect an authentic continuation of the Torchwood story.

    The Verdict

    Torchwood #1 is mostly setup for later issues, but returns with the same jokes and personalities fans grew to love. References to previous stories (like a quick fly-by from Myfanwy) demonstrate a dedication to canon and continued character development.


  6. Must There Be A Superman? – A Documentary

    It’s one of the inevitable comics discussions. Sooner or later someone is going to make a comment about Superman. Maybe positive, maybe negative, but often divisive. “Superman is boring” is the usual call to action. Love him or hate him, most agree that there’s something not right these days with how The Man of Steel is being handled.

    Enter Consequence of Sound and RIO!B Productions, Sami Jarroush – a lifelong Superman fan – who’s on a quest to discover what makes Kal-El tick and if he’s still relevant in today’s world. In his documentary, Must There Be A Superman?, Jarroush speaks with fans and comics experts alike including comics greats Mark Waid (Kingdom ComeDaredevil) and Neal Adams (Green Lantern/ Green Arrow) as well as comics scholars Glen Weldon (Superman: The Unauthorized Biography), Randall Lotowytz, Asher Elbain, and Nerdy Show‘s own Cap Blackard.

    Whether you see Supes as The Big Blue Boy Scout or a champion of the oppressed; this cross section of one of pop culture’s most iconic characters offers some much needed perspective on his place in the 21st century. Must there be a Superman? And if so, what is it about him that continues to speak to us? (more…)

  7. Matt Kindt’s Next Must-Read Comic: Dept. H #1 Review

    Dept. HThe Breakdown

    Dark Horse Comics presents Dept. H, an original murder/mystery series where each issue takes place in a 24-hour time span. Written and drawn by Matt Kindt, creator of Mind MGMT with his wife, Sharlene Kindt, provided beautiful water colors.

    Elevator Pitch

    Dept. H mashes multiple genres in a deep sea tale with wonderfully fitting watercolor art. The book’s sci-fi murder mystery evokes a sense of urgency that’ll have you flying through the pages. (more…)

  8. The Shadow Glass #1 Review

    the-shadow-glass-coverThe Breakdown

    The Shadow Glass is a six-part miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics. Words and art by newcomer artist/ writer Aly Fell.

    Elevator Pitch

    Sixteenth century England mixed with the occult. It’s like Lionhead Games’ Fable come to life in comic form.

    The Verdict

    The Shadow Glass #1 serves as setup for what promises to be an intriguing and adventurous series. It’s not the story that’ll hook you in this first issue (it’s a fairly standard girl finds out her dad isn’t her dad, runs away to seek answers), rather it’s Fell’s art and coloring that will make you want to see more.


  9. Predator: Life and Death #1 Review


    The Breakdown

    Predator: Life and Death – A graphic and thrilling four-issue miniseries that will expand the world of Predator. Written by Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy), with art by Brian Thies (Star Wars: Legacy).

    Elevator Pitch 

    A nostalgic, yet newly savage storyline that revolves around our favorite ritualistic, extraterrestrial hunters meeting a new group of well-equipped Marine friends.

    The Verdict

    Violent and delightful. The story effectively gives the same eerie discomfort that we come to expect with the Predator species. Abnett sets a concrete and explosive start to this new addition to the Predator/Alien/Prometheus tale and Thies’ artwork in this issue is timeless.


  10. Liberty Comes to Comics – Behold Liberty: Deception – Zero Issue


    Our sci-fi audio drama series, Liberty: Critical Research, ended it’s first season recently, but that doesn’t mean you’ve heard the last of the world of Liberty! Last week we launched the new Liberty podcast series: Tales from the Tower – a horror anthology. But that’s only the beginning of the action and terror that Liberty has in store for you in 2016!

    The world of Liberty was developed as a comic book series long before the podcasts came to be, and we’re happy to reveal that Liberty‘s flagship title, Liberty: Deception is about to debut! (more…)

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