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  1. Crunchmas14_1400

    Dungeons & Doritos :: ‘Twas The Night Before Crunchmas

    Posted by NerdyShow on December 17, 2014

    ‘Tis the merriest time of year, ’tis Crunchmastime! It seems like only yesterday our heroes were on the run, but now life is good and Barty is throwing the biggest party anyone has ever seen. There’s nothing suspicious about it at all…

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  2. ep201

    Episode 201 :: State of the Empire – The Force Awakens

    Posted by NerdyShow on December 8, 2014

    State of the Empire has always been about rampant speculation based on the most miniscule of details. With the Episode VII trailer and the leaked production art… Some of our crackpot theories might even be right this time!

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  3. The Oral History of Video Games

    Episode 200 :: The Oral History of Video Games – Nerd Celebs Share Their 1st Video Game Experiences

    Posted by NerdyShow on December 1, 2014

    Take a journey through video game history – from Pong to present! Featuring every host on The Nerdy Show Network and nearly every celebrity guest we’ve had on the show.

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  4. thanksgiving14

    A Thanksgiving Message From Nerdy Show

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 24, 2014

    Our flagship show is cooling its heels as we gear up for Episode 200 – one of our biggest releases EVER. Join us for a brief update on what’s coming up and a Thanksgiving message from all of us here at The Nerdy Show Network.

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  5. FNF 1400

    Friday Night Fanfiction :: I’ll Do Whatever You Want, Sexy Burger

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 21, 2014

    The FNF crew take on the Internet classic, the “Half-Life: Full Life Consequences” Quadrilogy and get juiced on another muscle-bound Kim Possible fanfic

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  6. DnD3_5 1400

    Dungeons & Doritos :: These Boots Were Made For Swappin’

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 17, 2014

    The Dungeons & Doritos crew’s body-swapping hell ride concludes! The first curse was bad enough – they were foolish to think it couldn’t get any worse. Part 2 in a fan-chosen campaign!

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  7. Weird Al

    Episode 199 :: UHF 25th Anniversary with “Weird Al” Yankovic & Jay Levey

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 10, 2014

    Weird Al returns to Nerdy Show! In this episode we celebrate the visual side of Al and the anniversary of his landmark film, UHF. Hear Al and the film’s director, Jay Levey, go behind-the-scenes of this beloved cult classic.

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  8. bill nye the scientific skeptic

    Episode 198 :: Bill Nye The Scientific Skeptic

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 3, 2014

    Whether you grew up watching his show in the 90s, or know him from his no-nonsense interviews, Bill Nye the Science guy is a nerd legend. In this Microsode 2-pack, we drop some science on HIM.

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