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Article Series

Here you’ll find ongoing article series on a wide range of nerdy topics.  Check back here as we expand our roster!

The Gazetteers

The Gazetteers are Nerdy Show’s all-girl crew. They’re women with a genuine passion for what is going on in nerd culture. The Gazetteers aren’t about gender-bias; they’re about sharing themselves, their fan love, their ideas and opinions, and writing about the nerd world as they see it. Check out this collective’s articles twice a month!

Geek Cr3d by Jessica Uelmen

Jessica was that kid you hated in school: total know-it-all, straight-A student, teacher’s pet. But all that geekery served her well as she’s now an electrical engineer at Parallax Inc. bringing microcontroller and robotics lessons to classrooms around the world. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for electronics know-how, she’s your gal and in her ongoing series – she’ll show you how!

Switching Weapons by Jim Beverly

Sergeant Jim Beverly is a Pharmacy Specialist in the U.S. Army, and, for much longer, an avid gamer.  A purple heart recipient and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jim strongly believes that the medium of gaming can be used to help servicemembers cope with adversity, post-war trauma, and strengthen relationships.  His philosophy on life, the military, and being a nerd is shared in his bi-weekly column, “Switching Weapons.”

The Triforce Mike Archives

Founding Nerdy Show member, uncanny nerd, and legendary personality, Triforce Mike left behind a legacy of lolz.  We’ve dug deep and unearthed treasures the likes of which your monkey brain has never dreamed.  The Triforce Mike Archives are dedicated to commemorating this amazing manchild, and sharing his incredible life and times.

Writers wanted

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