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Ghostbusters: Resurrection – Episode 1: All Hallows’ Day

Posted by NerdyShow on December 30, 2016

gbr3-01coverGrab your proton packs and PKE meters! Ghostbusters: Resurrection is a cinematic roleplaying podcast set in the present day with the same lore, weirdness, and comedy of the films, games, and comics.

The Central Florida Ghostbusters are throwing a Halloween party, and you’re invited!

All Hallows’ Eve is always the busiest night of the year, but our heroes still find the time to get down and hand out candy in-between busts. Of course, it’s not long before strange calls come in – and by Halloween standards, “strange” can only mean something bad. But hey, it’s been two years since the last world-threatening paranormal calamity… What could possibly go wrong?

Join our heroes: LaForge (the muscle), Briggs (the brains), Wall (the moves), Poole (the cool) and Nina (the rookie) as they fight back the forces of darkness on a Halloween that you’ll never forget!

It’s been a long wait for Season 3 – so we’re launching with two episodes at once – Listen to episode 2 here!

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Notice some spook or specter at night? Call the professionals: (321) 209-2020 | Episode art by Matasm


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For Ghostbusters: Resurrection, we updated West End Games’ classic RPG system to include canonical equipment from Ghostbusters 2 and The Video Game and beyond! Visit our Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub for resources on how to start your own game, expand the classic system with new gear, updated rules, and other tools to up your game. You can also pick up your own set of our all-new equipment cards and ghost dice!


  1. The Boys Are Back In Town :: The Bus Boys
  2. Ghostbusters :: Ray Parker Jr.
  3. Almost Unreal :: Roxette
  4. Monster Mash :: Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers


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