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Awesome Nerdy Gift Guide :: 2015 Edition

Posted by NerdyShow on November 24, 2015


This holidays are upon us once more, and the quest is on again: scouring the depths of the interwebs for that one perfect gift. To help cut through the holiday crazy, your friends at Nerdy Show are here once again with our annual Awesome Nerdy Gift Guide. With gift ideas for nerds of all flavors, you’re sure to find something for anyone on your list. As always, purchases made via our Amazon links gives a little back to the Nerdy Show Network, at no extra cost to you! These gifts keep on giving.

Onto the good stuff! We’ve broken the Awesome Nerdy Gift Guide 2015 Edition into several handy categories, which are then further sorted by price to help you stick to any budgets. (Our listed prices are just that – list prices. Many of these items are on sale – click the links to find out!) We’ve also got a special bonus section containing five unique gifts that your favorite nerd might not think to ask for. Jump to any relevant sections using the links below!

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top 5

Every year there are those “no brainer” gifts for nerds. Video games, TV shows, and movies always make the list. But what about those gifts that might reside off the beaten path? Surprise the nerd in your life with any of these options from our top holiday picks.


Mushroom Kingdom Amiibo Display

amiibo stand



Amiibos soared in popularity this year, and many Nintendo fans found themselves with quite the collection. This attractive display is the perfect way for fans to display their assortment of amiibos in classic Nintendo style.

Buy it on Amazon $29.99





Spider-Gwen Cardigan

spider gwen


Spider-Gwen swung into our hears this year in Edge of Spider-Verse. Originally intended to be a one-off appearance, this formerly tragic character has now landed her own series, The Radioactive Spider-Gwen. Help the nerd in your life can conquer the art of casual cosplay and play homage to this kick-ass new heroine with this cardigan from WeLoveFine.

Actually, anything from WeLoveFine is pretty great, so if Spider-Gwen isn’t your speed, be sure to browse more of their geeky wares.

Buy it on WeLoveFine $48.00



Graphic Novel of the Month Club

graphic novels

Earlier this year, the San Francisco comic book store Comix Experience came up with a rather interesting way to address the city’s minimum wage increase: start a graphic novel of the month club. Every membership goes directly to employee salaries, which is key in a city whose cost of living keeps skyrocketing.

To keep supporting their efforts, and to give a gift that keeps giving, consider gifting a membership. Jess can attest that the titles thus far have been fantastic, and the custom bookplates have been an awesome touch. (Plus, Sandman: Overture was the title for November, and club members got an exclusive Google Hangout with Neil Gaiman himself!)

Subscribe at $25 a month



Steam Link



Steam has some great content, but some of us just really want to play games on our large TVs. Enter the Steam Link, an easy way to stream Steam games from your PC to your television. Gone are the days of running long HDMI cables or dragging computers out to the living room.

(Note that this is NOT a computer, and optimal gameplay does require a robust desktop processor.)

Buy it on Amazon $49.99




Electronic Freedom Foundation Membership


Do you like the Internet? You do? Oh, good! The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) is a network of technologists, lawyers, and activists fighting tirelessly to defend our digital rights.

As a nonprofit, they can always use our help fighting legislation like SOPA and TPP and supporting things like Net Neutrality. Activist or not, any tech nerd would love the gift of membership. And if you worry that you’ll not have anything physical to give during your holiday celebration, all pledge levels come with some sweet schwag.

Subscriptions starting at $25



video games

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a lazy Saturday full of video game goodness. From handhelds to PCs, here are our picks for the best video games this holiday season.

Nintendo WiiU / 3DS

zelda pouch

triforce heroes

mosnter hunter 4


new 3ds

black friday wiiu


  • Leather Zelda DS Pouch (Fits all DS Sizes!) [$24.78]
  • The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes [$39.99]
  • Monster Hunter 4 [$39.99]
  • Splatoon [$59.99]
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL (Because you can actually play in 3D now!) [$199.99]
  • Black Friday Deal: Splatoon/Super Smash Bros WiiU Console Bundle [$279.99]


Playstation 4/ Xbox One / PC








over the garden wall



carter   sailor moon


  • Over the Garden Wall [$14.97]
  • Outlander Volume 1 [$38.99] & Volume 2 [$38.99]
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Complete Series [$39.98]
  • Agent Carter Season 1 [$39.99]
  • Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 2 [$69.99], Season 2 Part 1 Limited Edition [$79.98]



mad max

man from uncle

big hero 6








star wars

Marvel’s Official Star Wars Canon:

  • Shattered Empire [$16.99]
  • Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes [$19.99]
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1 [$19.99]
  • Kanan: The Last Padawan Vol. 1 [$19.99]


wild's end

rick and morty


puma blues


rat queens

ghostbusters   spiderverse

Awesome Books & Comics:

  • Wild’s End (Wind In the Willows meets War of the Worlds from the co-creator of Guardians of the Galaxy) [$19.99]
  • Rick and Morty (Amazing new stories that perfectly capture the feel of the show) [$19.99]
  • Sandman: Overture Deluxe Edition [$24.99]
  • The Puma Blues Complete Saga (Read our review here) [$29.95]
  • Django/Zorro (Tarantino co-written official continuation of the film) [$29.99]
  • Rat Queens Deluxe Hardcover [$39.99]
  • Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History [$50.00]
  • Spider-Verse [$75.00] + Edge of Spider-Verse [$15.99] (Every single part of the Spider-Verse story. Amazing.)


toys tech



cat headphones


  • Mr. Meeseeks Happy & Sad Dolls [$14]
  • Millennium Falcon Quadcopter [$125.29]
  • Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear [$149.99]
  • BB-8 by Sphero [$179.99]


made by nerdy show

Check out some awesome stuff both directly from Nerdy Show or made by the fine folks who work here. Our expansion of the classic 1980s Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game, fan art drinking glasses from Jon and Kristin, and lots different pieces of apparel and of art by Tony repping shows like Dungeons & Doritos and Lightning Dogs! There’s even more items at the Nerdy Show Store.

dnd mugs

fan art glass






  • Dungeons & Doritos Mugs [From $15]
  • Fan Art Drinking Glasses [$15]
  • Dungeons & Doritos/Lighting Dogs Art Prints [From $15]
  • Nerdy Show Shirts! [From $17.99]
  • Dungeons & Doritos/Lightning Dogs Tote Bags [From $18]
  • Ghotsbusters RPG Franchise Kit [$20]
  • Dungeons & Doritos/Lightning Dogs Throw Pillows [From $23]


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