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Nerdy Show 231 :: Giant Robot Gladiators: An Interview with MegaBots

Posted by NerdyShow on August 19, 2015

ep231As nerds we’ve been fed our entire lives with dreams of sci-fi destinies. Many of these grand dreams fizzled at the onset of the 21st century, but there’s one that you’ll have to pry from our cold, dead hands: giant robots. We want to see towering steel goliaths do battle with massive missile launchers and insane blades, and we want to see it now.

That glorious future has arrived, dear friends – thanks to MegaBots. These all-American Robot Jox have built their own giant robot and challenged Japan’s finest giant robosmiths, Suidobachi Heavy Industries, to a duel. The challenge was accepted and now the race is on to soup up their robo chariot into a melee fighting mecha Rocky. We’re joined by MegaBots’ Matt Oehrlei and Gui Cavalcanti at the dawn of their Kickstarter quest to supercharge America’s robot champion: The Mark II.

Hear Cap and Trench alongside Atomic Robo creative team/ fictional robot experts Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener geek out with the MegaBots guys over Mech Warrior and Battletech, get the details on all the Mark II’s possible upgrades, discuss their roboticist origins working for The Man, ejector seat feasibility, and much more. Plus, catch up with the latest Atomic Robo news and thrill to the 21st century’s other emerging future sport: VR drone racing!


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