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The Bill Nye Film Needs YOU: For Science!

Posted by Jess on July 17, 2015

Do I really need to tell you how much of a Nye-ite…Nyeian…Nye-head… Whatever. Do I really need to reiterate how much I love Bill Nye?

No, I don’t. We’ve been over this. It’s a lot.

And I know many of you are with me. Bill Nye taught us that scientists are way cool and over the course of 100 episodes of his groundbreaking TV series, gifted us hours of fantastic science-y goodness. He’s the reason a lot of us nerd folk (like myself) became scientists, engineers, and doctors.

Well now it’s time for us to give back to the man himself. Structure Films & Bill Nye have teamed up to create a documentary about Nye and his mission to bring science literacy to the masses. And they need our help to make it happen.

Consider the following:

But what can we really expect from such a documentary? After all a mission to “change the world” is both vague and  broad. I had the pleasure of catching up with Jason Sussberg, co-director of the film, who helped flesh out some of the goals of the campaign and what we can expect – Most importantly, how this campaign is unique in its “by fans, for fans” approach.

Jason and I opened our conversation swapping stories about how much we loved Bill Nye, how revolutionary the show was, and how it’s almost more enjoyable to watch as an adult. Unlike a lot of Kickstarter campaigns that seek to make a quick buck or garner temporary attention, Structure Films is truly a grassroots campaign out to pay homage to our favorite scientist.

Let’s face it, that’s something we can relate to here at The Nerdy Show Network.

The film is still in the nebulous early stages of development, so we don’t have a lot of information on what the finished product will look like or include, but Jason did share some of the team’s plans:

  1. We’ll get to know the “man behind the bowtie.” Nye is pretty active on social channels. But this film won’t be a glorified Twitter feed. We’ll get an intimate look into Nye’s life, including a visit to his almost 100% off-the-grid house (the team recently filmed him installing a water heater powered by the sun).
  2. We’ll get backstage passes to some awesome science. Nye helms some great campaigns; most notably the LightSail project, which aims to send a low-cost satellite, propelled by light, into space. The first test launch of the LightSail proved successful (which Structure Films documented), and the team have plans to film the official mission launch next fall. We’ll also see more of Nye’s efforts to promote technologies that help us humans lessen the effects of and adapt to global warming.
  3. We’ll learn! What’s a Bill Nye documentary without some education? As this is a film for fans by fans, we can expect some (modernly adapted) tribute to the show we all know and love.

So what are you waiting for? Go back the campaign today! If financing this documentary into being isn’t enough for you, there’s also some awesome perks available: your name in the credits, bowties for your dog, or even a signed personal limerick from Nye himself!

No Kickstarter is complete without stretch goals and this documentary has some awesome content ready to unlock. For instance: this video about Nye’s connection to Carl Sagan. Future plans include a video on global warming and how we can and should think of living on the Earth like living in a house. Sounds like classic Bill Nye education to me, so hurry and open your wallets people so we can unlock it!

Here’s that link again in case you missed it the last two times I gave it to you. Let’s help repay The Science Guy for the years of brilliant edutainment he’s given us by helping spread science education to current and future generations. After all, we’re big kids now, and it’s our turn to live how he taught us – by leaving the world a bit better than we found it.

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