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Dungeons & Doritos: REMASTERED

Posted by NerdyShow on April 9, 2015

DnD Remastered

On a fateful night in October 2009, four warriors gathered in the back of a closed comic shop. Under the sage instruction of a ninja rapper they shed their Midgard visages and found themselves transported into a realm of myth and legend, a realm of peril and hilarity, a realm where flavor-dusted corn chips are mined from the very earth… a realm… called Doritodonia.

Thus began Nerdy Show‘s epic tabletop roleplaying series, Dungeons & Doritos. What started as a tongue-in-cheek one-shot episode of our fledgeling podcast took on a life of its own. Enter Jen’Ifer the egomaniacal tiefling warlock, Chair – a dining room chair transformed into a naked and crazed dwarf, Vimak the fish-out-of-water goliath shaman, and Jamela the overly sensual dragonborn.

We’re proud to present Dungeons & Doritos Remastered – our debut quest preserved and enhanced by modern audio magic! Stream or download the new editions of the first two episodes below.

Download from the player above :: Links and More For This Episode :: The D&D Library :: Subscribe via Soundcloud | iTunes

Our mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and Doritos begin here.

Founding hosts of Nerdy Show Cap Blackard (Jamela), John “Hex” Carter (Vimak), Brian Clevinger (Jen’Ifer), and Triforce Mike Pandel (Chair) were joined by Dungeon Master Masurao of the ninja rap group Krondor Krew to play 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The episode was so popular it became its own series. Back then, we were still learning how to podcast, let alone dynamically record five people boisterously gaming. Suffice it to say, the audio was… rough. But that didn’t stop throngs of new fans from getting into the game and demanding a follow-up.

Since then, Dungeons & Doritos‘ sound has completely transformed. We’re still an actual play, fully improvised roleplaying show, but now our audio quality is second to none and the series has become a full-fledged radio drama with sound effects and an original score. We love these early adventures that defined our characters, but we’ve always been bummed at how downright bad the audio quality was! So we’re thrilled to at long last release these remasters – our first two episodes – compiling our party’s first quest.

Download from the player above :: Links and More For This Episode :: The D&D Library :: Subscribe via Soundcloud | iTunes

UPDATE 2/6/17:

We’ve also remastered our third episode, “The Quest for the Erotic Pangolin”!

Download from the player above :: Links and More For This Episode :: The D&D Library :: Subscribe via Soundcloud | iTunes

So what’s different in the remasters?

All players are fully legible for starters! Anyone too quiet has been pumped up and anyone too loud has been taken down a notch. We’ve cleaned up the background noise and reduced the harshness of audio peaks when they couldn’t be removed altogether. The show flows more dynamically. No more extended sequences of dice counting! We’ve also removed much of the musical interludes. Nerdy Show started as a radio show and we were used to pumping episodes full of tracks, but that just got in the way of the adventure! In fact, the first episode originally featured so many songs that it had to be split into two parts – now it’s one unified episode. Our second episode, which concludes this first adventure, originally didn’t have a title – now it’s called “Rollin’ Deep in the Dragon’s Keep”.

We hope to some day fully remaster all of our early episodes. In fact, if there’s a demand for it, we’d be game to give these episodes the special edition treatment and get them sound effects and a brand new score (as per a fan question in our D&D Q&A, our composer is down for it!). But in order to be able to take on these extra projects we’ll need your help.

If you dig Dungeons & Doritos or any of the shows on The Nerdy Show Network, subscribe to our Patreon. It’s the easiest way to help us towards the resources we need to keep this and other projects growing. Plus, subscribers get a ton of exclusive D&D perks.

Whether this is your first taste of Dungeons & Doritos or if you’ve been with us since the beginning, we hope you enjoy these remasters. Let us know what you think! And, if this is your first listen, then my friend, your adventure has only begun. Look for new Dungeons & Doritos episodes every other month!

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