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Choreograph Your Own Version of OK Go’s I Won’t Let You Down Music Video!

Posted by Jess on November 6, 2014

OK Go has truly made a name for themselves in the unique and visually stunning music video game. Somehow, though it seems impossible, they always manage to top themselves. Their latest video for their new single, I Won’t Let You Down, is the most ambitious yet. In this video, OK Go not only coordinates an impressive bit of human and machine choreography but also recorded in a single shot using a DJI S1000 multicopter.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet (though I don’t know how you missed it), watch the video below. I’ll wait.

Did you watch? No, really…did you? I mean, did you SEE that scrolling display? That type of output is hard enough to program on an electronic LCD display, let alone coordinate with imprecise humans with umbrellas!

As though the intricacies of the choreography weren’t impressive enough, the band have released a tool to create your own version of the “I Won’t Let You Down” video. The flash “game” allows you to plot a path and actions for all four band members and 20 back-up dancers. You can also choose an action for each point on the grid space to change direction, control the umbrella, or change speed.

Once you finalize your choreography, your video renders with 3D Minecraft-esque versions of your dancers. You can also share it with the world.

It’s pretty overwhelming. I had a considerable amount of respect for the amount of work that went into the video when I first saw it. But then I spent five minutes attempting to create my own version…and promptly threw my hands up in frustration. The site tries to alleviate this frustration by allowing you to fork (Git-speak for “make a copy of”) sequences from other authors. I’ll admit it did make things more interesting for a spell, but I quickly got overwhelmed.

Nonetheless, you should really try it for yourself! You’ll gain a new appreciation for the work that went into making that video and the crazy multimedia talents of OK Go.  “I Won’t Let You Down” is from the band’s new record Hungry Ghosts, you can pick it up here.

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