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Posted by NerdyShow on October 6, 2014

DnDQnAFans of Dungeons & Doritos we interrupt your regularly scheduled high-fantasy roleplaying adventures to lift the veil on the drama in Doritodonia!

This is the D&D Q&A, Dungeons & Doritos first-ever call-in event! Cast members Cap (Jamela), Colin (Barty), and Kyle (Deen) are joined by Game Master Ruel, and score composer Ryan McQuinn for an evening of burning questions from fans. Ever wondered how far our heroes deviated from the intended campaigns, or technical questions about story, composing, roleplaying, recording… we’ve got answers!

And, of course, Barty, Jamela, and Deen aren’t bashful on giving their two cents – heck, Jamela even offers some advice on life and love. Join us for an epic evening of insightful questions and hanging with fans – all captured for your podcasting pleasure.

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More questions from the D&D Q&A answered on the forums!

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