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Episode 186 :: Games That Actually Need Super Ultra HD Remakes

Posted by NerdyShow on June 30, 2014

ep186 300The video game industry has hit an age that every mass medium hits – where restoring and revitalizing old titles is imperative.  These days even more movies are getting regurgitated as needless remakes or unnecessary sequels – can the gaming industry do any better?  Are there games out there that actually need to be remade or are begging to be updated with HD graphics?

This Nerdy Show Microsode is a followup to our recent “Movies The Actually Need Sequels” episode.  Nerdy Show listener Arkais asked that we talk about “games that actually need remakes” and Bryce Harris asked us to discuss HD remakes of games – so we mash up both topics for a Super Ultra Turbo EX plus Alpha Hyper Edition episode.  Join a whole party of Nerdy Show personalities from across the Network (Cap, Hex, Doug, Tony, Brandon, Trench and Germaine of Nerdy Show, Jarrod of Flame On, and La Forge, Pool, and Briggs of Ghostbusters: Resurrection) as we share games both well-known and obscure that we think either need to be dusted off and given a High-Def polish, or overhauled completely.

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