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Episode 172 :: Moogfest Bound with Makers and Cyborgs

Posted by NerdyShow on March 31, 2014

ep172 300Our interview series leading up to Moogfest concludes!

Moogfest is a festival focused around electronic music with symposiums on futurism, art, and technology (April 23rd-27th, in Asheville, NC) and leading up to it, Nerdy Show has spoken with some of the incredible talent that’s been culled for this year’s event. In this episode we talk to the editor-in-chief of MAKE Magazine and founder of Boing Boing: Mark Frauenfelder, and Neil Harbisson of the Cyborg Foundation - the world’s first government-recognized cyborg!

Join Cap, Jon, and Hex as we learn about how Neil’s cyborg senses hear colors beyond human perception, the trails of becoming a cyborg, MAKE‘s panel on DIY instruments, Mark’s new project, Wink, which reviews books that can’t exist digitally, and other cool circuit-bending, body-hacking sci-tech goodness.


  1. Then Goto 1980 :: Pixelh8
  2. Fairlight :: Com Truise


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  • Gimpeyjoe

    You guys are right on the money with the relationship between chiptunes and the bending scene. Both Gameboys I perform with have bending capabilities (one switch for half clocking and the other with a full potentiometer for making chip sludge). Additionally, for a few years Blip Festival had a sister fest, Bent Festival, which I intensely regret missing out on.

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